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Ib'al was the name used by Ebla in the 24th century BC to indicate a confederation of tribes occupying the steppic region south of Ebla;[1] the region included small villages and towns.[2] Qatna could have been one of the urban centers in the region.[3]

Ebla and Mari were engaged in a long war and Ib'al was drawn into;[1] during the reign of the Eblaite king Isar-Damu, repeated campaigns over the course of four years were aimed at the confederation and ended with the Ib'al defeat.[4] Following the war with Ebla, Ib'al became an Eblaite ally and acted as such during a campaign against Mari.[4] Ib'al maintained a peaceful relation with Ebla until the latter collapse,[4] and the Ebla archive mentions the names of seven of its sheikhs.[5]




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