Illinois–Indiana League

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The Illinois–Indiana League or Two-I League was based in Illinois and Indiana and refers the name of two different baseball circuits in Minor league baseball which operated in 1889 and 1892.


Cities represented/Teams[edit]

* Bloomington, Indiana Bloomington Blues
* Danville, Indiana Danville Browns
* Decatur, Illinois Decatur
* Lafayette, Indiana Lafayette
* Logansport, Indiana/Champaign-Urbana, Illinois     Logansport/Champaign-Urbana Clippers
* Terre Haute, Indiana Terre Haute


Cities represented/Teams[edit]

* Aurora, Illinois/Peoria, Illinois Aurora Indians/Peoria Distillers
* Evansville, Indiana Evansville
* Jacksonville, Illinois Jacksonville
* Joliet, Illinois Joliet Convicts
* Quincy, Indiana Quincy Ravens
* Rock Island, Illinois/Moline, Illinois       Rock Island-Moline Twins
* Rockford, Illinois Rockford Hustlers
* Terre Haute, Indiana Terre Haute Hottentots