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This page lists all articles that have been classified as being part of WikiProject Iceland. It is used in order to show recent changes pertaining to the project.

The list currently contains 4,548 articles (and their talk pages) and was last updated in March of 2019.


( ) (album) .is 1. deild karla (basketball) 1. deild karla (football) 1. deild karla (handball) 1. deild kvenna (basketball) 1. deild kvenna (football) 1. deild kvenna (handball) 1. deild kvenna 101 Reykjavík 12 Tónar 1769 Census (Denmark–Norway) 1908 Icelandic prohibition referendum 1909 in Iceland 1912 Úrvalsdeild 1913 Úrvalsdeild 1914 Úrvalsdeild 1915 Úrvalsdeild 1916 Icelandic community service referendum 1916 Úrvalsdeild 1917 Úrvalsdeild 1918 Icelandic sovereignty referendum 1918 in Iceland 1918 Úrvalsdeild 1919 Icelandic parliamentary election 1919 in Iceland 1919 Úrvalsdeild 1920 in Iceland 1920 Úrvalsdeild 1921 in Iceland 1921 Úrvalsdeild 1922 Icelandic parliamentary election 1922 in Iceland 1922 Úrvalsdeild 1923 Icelandic parliamentary election 1923 in Iceland 1923 Úrvalsdeild 1924 in Iceland 1924 Úrvalsdeild 1924–28 Nordic Football Championship 1925 in Iceland 1925 Úrvalsdeild 1926 Icelandic parliamentary election 1926 in Iceland 1926 Úrvalsdeild 1927 Icelandic parliamentary election 1927 in Iceland 1927 Úrvalsdeild 1928 in Iceland 1928 Úrvalsdeild 1929 in Iceland 1929 Úrvalsdeild 1929–32 Nordic Football Championship 1930 Icelandic parliamentary election 1930 in Iceland 1930 Úrvalsdeild 1931 Icelandic parliamentary election 1931 in Iceland 1931 Úrvalsdeild 1932 in Iceland 1932 Úrvalsdeild 1933 Icelandic parliamentary election 1933 Icelandic prohibition referendum 1933 in Iceland 1933 Úrvalsdeild 1933–36 Nordic Football Championship 1934 Icelandic parliamentary election 1934 in Iceland 1934 Úrvalsdeild 1935 in Iceland 1935 Úrvalsdeild 1936 in Iceland 1936 Úrvalsdeild 1937 Icelandic parliamentary election 1937 in Iceland 1937 Úrvalsdeild 1937–47 Nordic Football Championship 1938 in Iceland 1938 Úrvalsdeild 1939 in Iceland 1939 Úrvalsdeild 1940 in Iceland 1940 Úrvalsdeild 1941 in Iceland 1941 Úrvalsdeild 1942 in Iceland 1942 Úrvalsdeild 1943 in Iceland 1943 Úrvalsdeild 1944 Icelandic constitutional referendum 1944 Icelandic presidential election 1944 in Iceland 1944 Úrvalsdeild 1945 Icelandic presidential election 1945 in Iceland 1945 Úrvalsdeild 1946 Icelandic parliamentary election 1946 in Iceland 1946 Úrvalsdeild 1947 Héðinsfjörður air crash 1947 in Iceland 1947 Úrvalsdeild 1948 in Iceland 1948 Úrvalsdeild 1949 anti-NATO riot in Iceland 1949 Icelandic parliamentary election 1949 Icelandic presidential election 1949 in Iceland 1949 Úrvalsdeild 1950 in Iceland 1950 Úrvalsdeild 1951 in Iceland 1951 Úrvalsdeild 1952 Icelandic presidential election 1952 in Iceland 1952 Úrvalsdeild 1953 Icelandic parliamentary election 1953 in Iceland 1953 Úrvalsdeild 1954 in Iceland 1954 Úrvalsdeild 1955 in Iceland 1955 Úrvalsdeild 1956 Icelandic parliamentary election 1956 Icelandic presidential election 1956 in Iceland 1956 Úrvalsdeild 1957 in Iceland 1957 Úrvalsdeild 1958 in Iceland 1958 Úrvalsdeild 1959 in Iceland 1959 Úrvalsdeild 1960 Icelandic presidential election 1960 in Iceland 1960 Úrvalsdeild 1961 in Iceland 1961 Úrvalsdeild 1962 in Iceland 1962 Úrvalsdeild 1963 Icelandic parliamentary election 1963 in Iceland 1963 Úrvalsdeild 1964 Icelandic presidential election 1964 in Iceland 1964 Úrvalsdeild 1965 in Iceland 1965 Úrvalsdeild 1966 in Iceland 1966 Úrvalsdeild 1967 Icelandic parliamentary election 1967 in Iceland 1967 Úrvalsdeild 1968 Icelandic presidential election 1968 in Iceland 1968 Úrvalsdeild 1969 in Iceland 1969 Úrvalsdeild karla 1969 Úrvalsdeild 1970 in Iceland 1970 Úrvalsdeild karla (basketball) 1970 Úrvalsdeild 1971 Icelandic parliamentary election 1971 in Iceland 1971 Úrvalsdeild 1972 Icelandic presidential election 1972 in Iceland 1972 Úrvalsdeild 1973 in Iceland 1973 Úrvalsdeild 1974 Icelandic parliamentary election 1974 in Iceland 1974 Úrvalsdeild 1975 Icelandic women's strike 1975 in Iceland 1975 Úrvalsdeild 1976 Icelandic presidential election 1976 in Iceland 1976 Úrvalsdeild 1977 in Iceland 1977 Úrvalsdeild 1978 Icelandic parliamentary election 1978 in Iceland 1978 Úrvalsdeild 1979 Icelandic parliamentary election 1979 in Iceland 1979 Úrvalsdeild 1980 Icelandic presidential election 1980 in Iceland 1980 Úrvalsdeild 1981 in Iceland 1981 Úrvalsdeild 1982 in Iceland 1982 Úrvalsdeild 1983 Icelandic parliamentary election 1983 in Iceland 1983 Úrvalsdeild 1984 Icelandic presidential election 1984 in Iceland 1984 Úrvalsdeild 1985 in Iceland 1985 Úrvalsdeild 1986 in Iceland 1986 Úrvalsdeild 1987 Icelandic parliamentary election 1987 in Iceland 1987 Úrvalsdeild 1988 Icelandic presidential election 1988 in Iceland 1988 Úrvalsdeild 1989 in Iceland 1989 Úrvalsdeild 1990 in Iceland 1990 Úrvalsdeild 1991 Icelandic parliamentary election 1991 in Iceland 1991 Úrvalsdeild 1992 Icelandic presidential election 1992 in Iceland 1992 World's Strongest Man 1992 Úrvalsdeild 1993 in Iceland 1993 Úrvalsdeild 1994 in Iceland 1994 Úrvalsdeild 1994–95 Úrvalsdeild kvenna (basketball) 1995 Icelandic parliamentary election 1995 in Iceland 1995 World Men's Handball Championship 1995 Úrvalsdeild 1996 Deildabikar 1996 Icelandic presidential election 1996 in Iceland 1996 Úrvalsdeild 1997 Deildabikar 1997 in Iceland 1997 Úrvalsdeild 1998 Deildabikar 1998 in Iceland 1998 Úrvalsdeild 1998–99 Úrvalsdeild kvenna (basketball) 1999 Icelandic parliamentary election 1999 in Iceland 1999 Úrvalsdeild 1999–2000 Úrvalsdeild kvenna (basketball) 2. deild karla (basketball) 2. deild karla 2. deild kvenna (football) 2000 Icelandic presidential election 2000 in Iceland 2000 Úrvalsdeild 2000–01 Nordic Football Championship 2000–01 Úrvalsdeild kvenna (basketball) 2001 Deildabikar 2001 in Iceland 2001 Úrvalsdeild 2002 Deildabikar 2002 in Iceland 2002 Úrvalsdeild 2003 Deildabikar 2003 Icelandic Cup 2003 Icelandic parliamentary election 2003 in Iceland 2003 Úrvalsdeild 2004 1. deild karla 2004 Deildabikar 2004 Icelandic Cup 2004 Icelandic presidential election 2004 in Iceland 2004 Úrvalsdeild 2005 1. deild karla 2005 in Iceland 2005 Úrvalsdeild 2006 1. deild karla 2006 2. deild karla 2006 Deildabikar 2006 in Iceland 2006 Úrvalsdeild 2006–07 Úrvalsdeild kvenna (basketball) 2007 Deildabikar 2007 Helvetia Cup 2007 Icelandic parliamentary election 2007 in Iceland 2007 UEFA Women's Under-19 Championship 2007 Úrvalsdeild 2008 1. deild karla 2008 Deildabikar 2008 Iceland earthquake 2008 Icelandic lorry driver protests 2008 Icelandic presidential election 2008 in Iceland 2008 Laugavegur Ultramarathon 2008 Úrvalsdeild 2008–2011 Icelandic financial crisis 2009 1. deild karla 2009 Deildabikar 2009 Icelandic financial crisis protests 2009 Icelandic parliamentary election 2009 in Iceland 2009 Laugavegur Ultramarathon 2009 Úrvalsdeild 2010 Deildabikar 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull 2010 Iceland power outages 2010 Icelandic Cup 2010 Icelandic loan guarantees referendum 2010 Icelandic municipal elections 2010 in Iceland 2010 in Icelandic football 2010 Laugavegur Ultramarathon 2010 Úrvalsdeild 2010–11 Úrvalsdeild karla (basketball) 2011 eruption of Grímsvötn 2011 Icelandic loan guarantees referendum 2011 in Iceland 2011 Úrvalsdeild 2011–12 Icelandic Hockey League season 2012 2. deild karla 2012 Icelandic constitutional referendum 2012 Icelandic presidential election 2012 in Iceland 2012 Úrvalsdeild 2012–13 Icelandic Hockey League season 2013 Icelandic parliamentary election 2013 in Iceland 2013 Úrvalsdeild 2013–14 Icelandic Hockey League season 2014 1. deild karla 2014 3. deild karla 2014 Deildabikar 2014 Icelandic Cup 2014 Icelandic municipal elections 2014 IIHF Women's World Championship Division II 2014 in Iceland 2014 Úrvalsdeild 2014–15 Úrvalsdeild kvenna (basketball) 2014–2015 eruption of Bárðarbunga 2015 Breiðablik UBK season 2015 Deildabikar 2015 Iceland Open darts 2015 IIHF World Championship Division II 2015 in Iceland 2015 in Icelandic music 2015 Valur season 2015 Íþróttabandalag Akraness season 2015 Úrvalsdeild 2015–16 Úrvalsdeild kvenna (basketball) 2016 Iceland Open darts 2016 Icelandic anti-government protests 2016 Icelandic parliamentary election 2016 Icelandic presidential election 2016 Icelandic Women's Cup 2016 in Iceland 2016 in Icelandic music 2016 Úrvalsdeild kvenna (football) 2016–17 Úrvalsdeild karla 2016–17 Úrvalsdeild kvenna (basketball) 2016–2017 Icelandic Women's Basketball Cup 2017 Iceland Open darts 2017 Icelandic parliamentary election 2017 Icelandic Women's Cup 2017 IIHF Women's World Championship Division II 2017 in Iceland 2017 in Icelandic music 2017 Nordic Figure Skating Championships 2017 Úrvalsdeild kvenna (football) 2017–18 Icelandic Men's Basketball Cup 2017–18 Úrvalsdeild karla 2017–18 Úrvalsdeild kvenna (basketball) 2017–18 Úrvalsdeild kvenna (handball) 2017–2018 Icelandic Women's Basketball Cup 2018 Deildabikar 2018 Icelandic municipal elections 2018 in Iceland 2018 in Icelandic music 2018 Molde FK season 2018 Úrvalsdeild kvenna (football) 2018 Úrvalsdeild 2018–19 Úrvalsdeild karla (basketball) 2018–19 Úrvalsdeild kvenna (basketball) 2019 in Iceland 2019 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships – Division III 24 stundir 3. deild karla (basketball) 3. deild karla 34 Scores for Piano, Organ, Harpsichord and Celeste 365 (media corporation) 7th Edda Awards A Little Trip to Heaven A Man Like Me Abortion in Iceland Absolution (novel) Academic grading in Iceland Act Normal Actavis ADHD (band) Administrative divisions of Iceland Adonias saga Advania AFA catalog Africa United (2005 film) Age of the Sturlungs Agent Fresco Agla María Albertsdóttir Agnar Helgason Agnes Jónsdóttir Agnes M. Sigurðardóttir Agreed Minute Agricultural Bank of Iceland Agricultural University of Iceland Agriculture in Iceland Ahead of Time (film) Air Atlanta Icelandic Air Iceland Connect Air travel disruption after the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption Aircraft Accident Investigation Board (Iceland) Airport Route Recordings Akrahreppur Akranes Folk Museum Akranes Akranesvöllur Akurey Akureyrarkirkja Akureyrarvöllur Akureyri Airport Akureyri Art Museum Akureyri Botanical Garden Akureyri disease Akureyri Handboltafélag Akureyri Junior College Akureyri Alaska (pamphlet) Albert Guðmundsson (footballer, born 1997) Albert Guðmundsson Albert Kristjansson Alda Leif Jónsdóttir Aldarháttur Aldeyjarfoss Aldrei fór ég suður Alexander Ermolinskij Alexander Petersson Alexandra Ívarsdóttir Alfred Eliasson Alfred Jolson Alfreð Finnbogason Alfreð Gíslason All Out of Luck Alliterative verse Allsherjargoði (Ásatrúarfélagið) Allt Sem Ég Á Allt í drasli Almannaskarðsgöng Almenna Consulting Engineers Althing Ombudsman Althing Alþingishúsið Alþýðublaðið AM 738 4to AM 748 I 4to Ambassador of Iceland to East Germany Ambassador of Iceland to the Soviet Union Ambassador of Iceland to Venezuela Ambassadors of Iceland Ambassadors to Iceland Amiina Ampop And Breathe Normally Andrea Thorisson Andri Rúnar Bjarnason Andri Sigþórsson Andri Snær Magnason Andri Steinþór Björnsson Andrée Michelsson Andrés Guðmundsson Andrés Már Jóhannesson Andvaranaut Angel (Two Tricky song) Angels of the Universe Animamina Anita Briem Anna and the Moods Anna Bjorn Anna Björk Kristjánsdóttir Anna G. Jónasdóttir Anna María Sveinsdóttir Anna Svanhildur Björnsdóttir Anna Vigfúsdóttir á Stóru-Borg Anna Ólafsdóttir Anníe Mist Þórisdóttir Antonio Hester Aníta Hinriksdóttir Apavatn Apparat Organ Quartet Architecture of Iceland Arctic (film) Arctic Circle (organization) Arctic Fox Centre Arctic Ocean Arctic policy of Iceland Arctic Trucks Arctic Ari Freyr Skúlason Ari Guðmundsson Ari Jósefsson Ari Thorgilsson Ari Trausti Guðmundsson Ari Ólafsson Arion Bank Arkís Army of Me: Remixes and Covers Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir Arnaldur Indriðason Arnamagnæan Manuscript Collection Arnar Darri Pétursson Arnar Grétarsson Arnar Gunnlaugsson Arnar Guðjónsson Arnar Jónsson (basketball) Arnar Viðarsson Arnardalshamar Tunnel Arnarfjörður Arnarstapi Arnas Arnæus Arnavatnsheiði Arndís Halla Arngrímr Brandsson Arngrímur Jónsson Arni Magnusson Arnor Atlason Arnór Atlason Arnór Gunnarsson Arnór Guðjohnsen Arnór Ingvi Traustason Arnór Sigurðsson Arnór Sveinn Aðalsteinsson Arnórr jarlaskáld Arnþór Ragnarsson Aron Gunnarsson Aron Jóhannsson Aron Pálmarsson Arons saga Hjörleifssonar As Above... As in Heaven Askar Capital Askja (building) Askja Asmund and Signy Astrópía Atla saga Ótryggssonar Atlantsskip Atli Eðvaldsson Atli Guðnason Atli Heimir Sveinsson Atli Steinarsson Atli Sveinn Þórarinsson Atli Viðar Björnsson Atli Örvarsson Atom Poets Attention (GusGus album) Aud the Deep-Minded (Ketilsdóttir) Audrey Freyja Clarke Audur Capital August & Telma August 1916 Icelandic parliamentary election Aurora Fashions Aurora Australian rules football in Iceland Austur-Húnavatnssýsla Austur-Skaftafellssýsla Austurstræti Austurvöllur Auðun Helgason Auðunn Blöndal Auðunn rauði Þorbergsson Auður Eir Vilhjálmsdóttir Auður Jónsdóttir Auður Laxness Axel Kárason Axel W. Tulinius Axlar-Björn Að brunnum Að laufferjum Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do Bad Taste (record label) Baggalútur Bahá'í Faith in Iceland Bakkafjörður Bakkaflói Bakkagerði Bakkavör Baldur (album) Baldur Ingimar Aðalsteinsson Baldur Möller Baldur R. Stefansson Baldur Ragnarsson Baldur Sigurðsson Baldur, Manitoba Baldwin Baldwinson Baltasar Kormákur Baltic Development Forum Banana production in Iceland Bandalag íslenskra skáta Bandamanna saga Bang Gang Bankastræti núll Banking in Iceland Barnafossar Barnahus Barðastrandarsýsla Barðaströnd Barði Jóhannsson Barðsneshorn Battle of Haugsnes Battle of the Gulf Battle of Víðines Battle of Örlygsstaðir Baugur Group Baula Beer Day (Iceland) Beer in Iceland Bellatrix (band) Benedikt Jóhannesson Benedikt Magnússon Benedikt Sigurðsson Gröndal Benedikt Ásgeirsson Bent Gestur Sivertz Beowulf & Grendel Bergbúa þáttr Berglind (given name) Berglind Björg Þorvaldsdóttir Berglind Gunnarsdóttir Berglind Ásgeirsdóttir Bergr Sokkason Bergsbók Bergur Ingi Pétursson Bergur Sigurbjörnsson Bergþóra Árnadóttir Bergþórshvoll Bernhöftstorfan Bersi Skáldtorfuson Bessastadahreppur Bessastaðir Best Party Betra En Nokkuð Annað Bible translations into Icelandic Bifröst (town) Bifröst University Bing Bang (Time to Dance) Birgir Sigurðsson (writer) Birgir Ármannsson Birgir Ísleifur Gunnarsson Birgir Örn Birgis Birgir Örn Birgisson Birgir Birgit Guðjónsdóttir Birgitta Haukdal Birgitta Jónsdóttir Birkir Bjarnason Birkir Hólm Guðnason Birkir Kristinsson Birkir Már Sævarsson Birkir Ívar Guðmundsson Birna Valgarðsdóttir Bishop of Iceland Bishop of Reykjavík (Catholic) Bitið fast í vitið Bjargtangar lighthouse Bjargtangar Bjarki Gunnlaugsson Bjarnarey Bjarnfreðarson Bjarni Benediktsson (born 1908) Bjarni Benediktsson (born 1970) Bjarni Benediktsson Bjarni Bjarnason (1761-1805) Bjarni Bjarnason Bjarni Fritzson Bjarni Friðriksson Bjarni Guðjónsson Bjarni Halldórsson Bjarni Harðarson Bjarni Herjólfsson Bjarni Jónsson (artist) Bjarni Jónsson Bjarni Lárusson Bjarni Sigurðsson Bjarni Stefánsson Bjarni Thorarensen Bjarni Tryggvason Bjarni Viðarsson Bjarni Ármannsson Bjarni Ólafur Eiríksson Bjorn Asbrandsson Björg Carítas Þorláksson Björgvin Björgvinsson Björgvin Franz Gíslason Björgvin Guðmundsson Björgvin Halldórsson Björgvin Hólm Björgvin Páll Gústavsson Björgólfur Guðmundsson Björgólfur Hideaki Takefusa Björgólfur Thor Björgólfsson Björk (album) Björk Guðmundsdóttir & tríó Guðmundar Ingólfssonar Björk: Biophilia Live Björk Björn Bergmann Sigurðarson Björn Bjarnason Björn Gunnlaugsson Björn Helgason Björn Jónsson Björn M. Ólsen Björn Olgeirsson Björn Olsen Björn Th. Björnsson Björn Thorfinnsson Björn Þórðarson Blanda Power Station Blanda Blissing Me Block settlement Blossi/810551 Blue Diamond (Iceland) Blue Lagoon (geothermal spa) Bluebird Nordic Blueeyes Productions Bláhnjúkur Blái hnötturinn Bláskógabyggð Blómstrvallasaga Blóðdropinn Blöndulón Blönduós Bobby Fischer Center Bobby Fischer Bogi Þorsteinsson Bolli Bollason Bolli Þorleiksson Bolungarvík Bolungarvíkurgöng Borg á Mýrum Borgarbyggð Borgarey Borgarfjarðarbrú Borgarfjarðarhreppur Borgarfjarðarsýsla Borgarfjörður Eystri Borgarfjörður Borgarhreppur Borgarnes Borgartún Borko Borðeyri Boss Johnson Botnleðja Boðberi Brad Miley Brady Valgardson Bragi Bergsson Bragi Ólafsson Bragi Þorfinnsson Brandur Breiðablik (sports club) Breiðablik men's football Breiðablik women's basketball Breiðablik women's football Breiðabólsstaðarkirkja Breiðafjörður Breiðamerkurjökull Breiðamerkursandur Breiðamerkursandur Breiðdalshreppur Breiðdalsvík Breiðholt Breiðárlón Brennisteinsalda Brennisteinsfjöll Brennivín Brennu-Njálssaga (film) Brenton Birmingham Brevis commentarius de Islandia Brian Pilkington (illustrator) Broddi Kristjansson Brokey Bryndis Hansen Bryndís Björgvinsdóttir Bryndís Guðmundsdóttir Bryndís Ólafsdóttir Brynhildur Davíðsdóttir Brynja Þorsteinsdóttir Brynjar Gunnarsson Brynjar Guðmundsson Brynjar Leifsson Brynjar Þór Björnsson Brynjólfur Pétursson Brynjólfur Sveinsson Bríet Bjarnhéðinsdóttir Brú Brúará Brúnastaðir Bubbi Morthens Buddhism in Iceland Budget Committee (Iceland) Butterflies and Elvis Bára Gísladóttir Bárðarbunga Bárður Eyþórsson Bæjarhreppur Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur Bærings saga BÍ/Bolungarvík Bíldudalur Bíóstöðin Bókasafn Ömmu Huldar Bókaútgáfa Menningarsjóðs Bólu-Hjálmar Bónus Böðvar Guðmundsson Búlandstindur Búrfellshyrna Búri (cave) Búðardalur Búðir Cabinet of Benedikt Sigurðsson Gröndal Cabinet of Bjarni Benediktsson (2017) Cabinet of Bjarni Benediktsson Cabinet of Emil Jónsson Cabinet of Geir Hallgrímsson Cabinet of Gunnar Thoroddsen Cabinet of Halldór Ásgrímsson Cabinet of Iceland Cabinet of Jóhann Hafstein Cabinet of Jón Þorláksson Cabinet of Katrín Jakobsdóttir Cabinet of Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson Cabinet of Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson Cabinet of Ásgeir Ásgeirsson Cabinet of Þorsteinn Pálsson Calum Bett Canada – Iceland relations Canada–European Free Trade Association Free Trade Agreement Cannabis in Iceland CANTAT-3 Capital punishment in Iceland Capital Region (Iceland) CarbFix Carbon Recycling International Catholic Church in Iceland Catholic Church in the Nordic countries CCP Games Central Bank of Iceland Centre Party (Iceland) Chairman of the Independence party (Iceland) Changer (band) Charles Thorson Charles VIII of Sweden Charlotte Oleson Chester Thordarson Childhood in the Viking Age Children (2006 film) Children of Nature China–Iceland relations Chris Caird Christ the King Cathedral (Reykjavík) Christian Halldorson Christian I of Denmark Christian II of Denmark Christmas in Iceland Christopher of Bavaria Chuck Arnason Church of Iceland Cinema of Iceland Citizens Foundation Citizens' Movement (Iceland) Citizens' Party (Iceland, 1923) Citizens' Party (Iceland, 1987) Climate of Iceland Coat of arms of Iceland Cocoon (Björk song) Cod Music Cod Wars Codex Regius Cold Fever Cold Light Cold Trail Collin Pryor Communist League (Iceland) Communist Party of Iceland (Marxist–Leninist) Communist Party of Iceland Comparison of the Nordic countries Confederation of State and Municipal Employees of Iceland Congratulations (Silvía Night song) Conservation in Iceland Conservatism in Iceland Conservative Party (Iceland) Constituencies of Iceland Constitution of Iceland Constitutional and Supervisory Committee (Iceland) Cool Jazz and Coconuts Coot (trawler) Corruption in Iceland Council of the Baltic Sea States Count Me Out (1997 film) Counties of Iceland Country Wedding Court of Legislature (Iceland) Crangonyx islandicus Cricket in Iceland Crymogæa Crymostygius Culture of Iceland Curtis Carter (basketball) Curver Cyclone Berit Czech Republic–Iceland relations D2: The Mighty Ducks Dagblaðið Dagný Brynjarsdóttir Dagný Linda Kristjánsdóttir Dagsbrún Dagskrá – Reykjavík Dagur Arngrímsson Dagur Benediktsson Dagur Bergþóruson Eggertsson Dagur Kár Jónsson Dagur Kári Dagvaktin Dalabyggð Dalasýsla Dalvík Dalvíkurbyggð Damon Johnson (basketball) Dancer in the Dark Danero Thomas Danielle Rodriguez Danish Royal Library, MS NKS 1867 4° Danish Sign Language family Danish–Icelandic Act of Union Danish–Icelandic Trade Monopoly Daníel Bjarnason Daníel Hilmarsson Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson Dark Horse (2005 film) Darrel Lewis DataMarket Dauðans óvissi tími David Arnason Davíð Oddsson Davíð Stefánsson Davíð Tómas Tómasson Davíð Viðarsson Dawn (Iceland) Daysleeper (band) Daði Lárusson Debut (Björk album) Declare Independence DeCODE genetics Deep Winter Deildabikar Deildartunguhver Democracy Movement (Iceland) Demographics of Iceland Denmark Strait Denmark–Iceland relations Denmark–Norway Dense Time Depositors' and Investors' Guarantee Fund Detective Erlendur series Dettifoss Devil's Island (1996 film) Diamond Circle Diddú Die Another Day Dikta Dimmuborgir Diocese of Skálholt Directorate of Customs Dirk Dunbar Dirty Paws Disa Eythorsdottir Disa Gísladóttir Djákninn á Myrká Djúpalónssandur Djúpavík Djúpivogur Domino's Körfuboltakvöld Dorrit Moussaieff Dramarama (film) Drangajökull Drangey Drangsnes Draugr Drauma-Jóns saga Draumur um Nínu Drawing Restraint 9 (album) Dreamland (2009 film) Dreamland: A Self-Help Manual for a Frightened Nation Driving licence in Iceland Droplaugarsona saga Drög að Upprisu DV (newspaper) Dyngjujökull Dynjandi Dyrhólaey lighthouse Dyrhólaey Dámusta saga Dínus saga drambláta Dóra María Lárusdóttir Dóra Stefánsdóttir Dóra Þórhallsdóttir Dýrð í dauðaþögn Eagle Air (Iceland) Eagle Egilsson Earl Thomson Earl Eastern Region (Iceland) Ebenezer Thorarinsson Eberg Ebony Dickinson Economic Affairs and Trade Committee (Iceland) Economic history of Iceland Economy and Taxation Committee Economy of Iceland Edda Award for Best Director Edda Award for Best Documentary Edda Award for Best Leading Actor or Actress Edda Award for Best Short Film Edda Award for Best Television Program Edda Award Edda Garðarsdóttir Edda Heiðrún Backman Education Committee (Iceland) Education in Iceland Edvard Júlíus Sólnes EEA Joint Committee Effects of the April 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption Eggert Bogason Eggert Hannesson Eggert Jónsson Eggert Magnússon Eggert Ólafsson Eggertsbók Egill Einarsson Egill Eyjólfsson Egill Helgason Egill Skallagrímsson Brewery Egill Skallagrímsson Egilshöll Egilsstadir Upper Secondary School Egilsstaðir Airport Egilsstaðir Egó Eilífr Goðrúnarson Eimskip Eimskipafelag islands Einar Arnórsson Einar Benediktsson Einar Bollason Einar Bragi Einar Daníelsson Einar Hjörleifsson Kvaran Einar Jonasson Einar Jónsson Einar Kristgeirsson Einar Kristinn Guðfinnsson Einar Kristjánsson Einar Kárason Einar Már Guðmundsson Einar Már Sigurðarson Einar Pálsson Einar Ragnarsson Kvaran Einar Sveinsson Einar Thor Einar Vilhjálmsson Einar Ólafsson (skier) Einar Ólafur Sveinsson Einar Örn Benediktsson Einarr Gilsson Einarr Hafliðason Einarr Helgason Einarr Skúlason Einherji Eiríksjökull Eiríkur Hauksson Eiríkur Rögnvaldsson Eiríkur í Vogsósum Eiríkur Önundarson Either Way (film) Eitt lag enn Eiðar longwave transmitter Eiður Guðjohnsen Eiður Svanberg Guðnason Eldey Eldfell Eldgjá Elections in Iceland Electricity sector in Iceland Elektra (band) Eleven Men Out Elfa Rún Kristinsdóttir Elfros Ellen Ingvadóttir Ellert Schram Elliðaey Elliðavatn Elliðaár Elly Vilhjálms Elmar Geirsson Elsa G. Vilmundardóttir Elsa Guðrún Jónsdóttir Elvar Már Friðriksson Elías Sveinsson Elín Briem Elín Ebba Gunnarsdóttir Elín Hirst Elín Metta Jensen Elín Sigurðardóttir Elín Þóra Elíasdóttir Elínborg Halldórsdóttir Elísa Viðarsdóttir Elísabet Jökulsdóttir Embassy of Iceland in Moscow Embassy of Iceland, London Embassy of Iceland, Ottawa Embassy of the United Kingdom, Reykjavík Embla Kristínardóttir Emil Hallfreðsson Emil Jónsson Emil Pálsson Emilíana Torrini Emma Furuvik Endurmenntun Háskóla Íslands Engel Lund Engey Engeyjarætt Environment and Communications Committee (Iceland) Environment Committee (Iceland) Episcopal Conference of Scandinavia Eric of Pomerania Eric Stefanson Erickson, Manitoba Erik the Red Erla Dögg Haraldsdóttir Erla Stefánsdóttir Erla Steina Arnardóttir Erla Ásgeirsdóttir Erlendur Guðmundsson í Unuhúsi Erlendur Haraldsson Erlendur Valdimarsson Erna Björk Sigurðardóttir Erna Friðriksdóttir Ernir Kristján Snorrason Erró Esjan Esjufjöll Eskifjörður Esquimaux Management Eth Eurobandið European debt crisis European Mars Analog Research Station Eva Dögg Sæmundsdóttir Eva Pandora Baldursdóttir Eydis Konráðsdóttir Eygló Harðardóttir Eygló Ósk Gústafsdóttir Eyja- og Miklaholtshreppur Eyjafjallajökull Eyjafjarðarsveit Eyjafjörður Eyjólfur Héðinsson Eyjólfur Sverrisson Eymundsson Eyrarbakki Eyrarland Statue Eysteinn Valdason Eysteinn Ásgrímsson Eysteinn Þórðarson Eythor Thorlaksson Eyvind Braggart Eyvindur P. Eiríksson Eyþór Guðjónsson Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson Eðvarð Þór Eðvarðsson Facit catalog Fagrifoss Fagrskinna Fagurhólsmýri Falcons (film) Falur Harðarson Family Tree (Björk album) Fangavaktin Fannar Ólafsson Fanndís Friðriksdóttir Fanney Lind Thomas Far... Þinn Veg FARICE-1 Farice Farmers' Party (Iceland, 1913) Farmers' Party (Iceland, 1933) Farthings of Iceland Faxa Bay Faxi Fellabær Ferskeytt Fifth cabinet of Hermann Jónasson Fifth cabinet of Ólafur Thors Fifth Court Figure skating at the Reykjavik International Games Fimleikafélag Hafnarfjarðar Fimmbræðra saga Fimmvörðuháls Finally We Are No One Financial Supervisory Authority (Iceland) Finnbjörn Þorvaldsson Finnur Atli Magnússon Finnur Freyr Stefánsson Finnur Garðarsson Finnur Ingólfsson Finnur Jóhannsson Finnur Jónsson (bishop) Finnur Jónsson Finnur Kolbeinsson Finnur Magnússon First cabinet of Davíð Oddsson First cabinet of Geir Haarde First cabinet of Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir First cabinet of Steingrímur Hermannsson First cabinet of Ólafur Jóhannesson First Day of Summer First Grammatical Treatise Fisheries and Agriculture Committee (Iceland) Fiskidagurinn mikli Fjalar Þorgeirsson Fjalla-Eyvindur Fjallabyggð Fjallsárlón Fjarðabyggð Fjarðarheiðargöng Fjögur píanó Fjölbrautaskólinn í Breiðholti Fjölnir (journal) Fjölnir men's basketball Fjölnir women's basketball Fjölnisvöllur Flag of Iceland Flag of the Nordic Council Flag Officer Commanding, Iceland (C) Flatey, Breiðafjörður Flatey, Skjálfandi Flateyjarbók Flateyjardalur Flateyri Flatkaka Fljótavík Fljótsdalshreppur Fljótsdalshérað Fljótsdalur Fljótshlíð Flosi Ólafsson Flugumýri Arson Fláajökull Flóahreppur Flói Nature Reserve Flókadalur (Borgarfirði) Flókadalur (Skagafirði) Flóres saga konungs (svarta) ok sona hans Flúðir FM 957 (Icelandic Radio Station) Fnjóskadalur Foldaskóli Folk music festival of Siglufjordur Football Association of Iceland Football in Iceland Foreign Affairs Committee (Iceland) Foreign relations of Iceland Foreningen Norden Forever (GusGus album) Fossa (river) Fossafélagið Títan Fossavatn Ski Marathon Fourth cabinet of Davíð Oddsson Fourth cabinet of Hermann Jónasson FRAFL – Framkvæmdafélag listamanna Fram men's handball Fram women's handball Framhaldsskólinn í Austur-Skaftafellssýslu Framhaldsskólinn í Vestmannaeyjum France–Iceland relations Frank Booker Jr. Frank Upton Frederick York Powell Frederik Schram Freedom of religion in Iceland Freydís Eiríksdóttir Freyja Haraldsdóttir Freymóður Jóhannsson Freyr Alexandersson Freyr Gauti Sigmundsson FRISK Software International Friðjón Þórðarson Friðrik Dór Friðrik Erlendur Stefánsson Friðrik Friðriksson Friðrik Guðmundsson (athlete) Friðrik Guðmundsson (swimmer) Friðrik Ingi Rúnarsson Friðrik Ragnarsson Friðrik Ólafsson Friðrik Ómar Friðrik Þór Friðriksson Frjáls þjóð From the Mouth of the Whale Frostastaðavatn Frosti Jonsson Fræbbblarnir Fréttablaðið Fréttatíminn Fréttir Fríkirkjan í Reykjavík Fríða Á. Sigurðardóttir Fulbright Commission Iceland Fylkir Fylkisvöllur Fálkar (soundtrack) Fálkinn Fáskrúðsfjarðargöng Fáskrúðsfjörður Fíaskó Fóstbræður Fó Gabríela Friðriksdóttir Galdrabók Galleri Sudurgata 7 Gamli Garður Garðabær Garðar Gunnlaugsson Garðar Jóhannsson Garðar Svavarsson Garðar Thór Cortes Garðar Örn Hinriksson Garður Geir Haarde Geir Hallgrímsson Geirfuglasker (Vestmannaeyjar) Geirfuglasker Geirlug The King's Daughter Geitlandsjökull Geldungur General Committee (Iceland) General Penal Code (Iceland) Geography of Iceland Geological deformation of Iceland Geology of Iceland Georg Guðni Hauksson Georg Hólm George Johnson (Manitoba politician) Georgía Olga Kristiansen Geothermal power in Iceland Gerðuberg Gerður Helgadóttir Gerður Kristný Geysir Ghent system Gibbons saga Gimli, Manitoba Gisli (contemporary musician) Gissur Einarsson Gissur Ísleifsson Gissur Þorvaldsson Gjáin Glenboro Glerá Glerárkirkja Gleðibankinn Glima Gling-Gló Glitnir (bank) Gljúfrafoss Gljúfrasteinn Glowie Gluggafoss Glymur Glódís Perla Viggósdóttir Glósóli Gnarr Go Quiet Golden Circle (Iceland) Golden Sands (film) Gothi Gottskálk grimmi Nikulásson Goðafoss Grafarholt og Úlfarsárdalur Grafarvogur Gramm (record label) Gray Goose Laws Great Ireland Greatest Hits (Björk album) Greece–Iceland relations Greenland saga Greenland shark Grenivík Grensdalur Greta Salóme Stefánsdóttir Grettis saga Grindavík men's basketball Grindavík men's football Grindavík women's basketball Grindavík women's football Grindavík Grindavíkurvöllur Grjótagjá Grjúpán Grundarfjörður Grundarhverfi Grundaskóli Grunnavík Grásteinn Grænalón Grétar Steinsson Grímsbær Grímsey Airport Grímsey Grímsnes- og Grafningshreppur Grímsnes Grímsstaðir Grímsvötn Grímur Geitskör Grímur Hákonarson Grímur Jónsson Thorkelin Grímur Thomsen Grýtubakkahreppur Gudmunda Brynja Óladóttir Gudmundur Fjelsted Gudmunður Gíslason Gudrid Thorbjarnardóttir Guerilla Disco Gufunes Guide to Iceland Gullbringusýsla Gullfoss Gunnar Birgisson Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson Gunnar Eyjólfsson Gunnar Gunnarsson Gunnar Gíslason (businessman) Gunnar Gíslason Gunnar Hansen Gunnar Heiðar Þorvaldsson Gunnar Huseby Gunnar Hámundarson Gunnar Kvaran Gunnar Már Guðmundsson Gunnar Nelson (fighter) Gunnar Pétursson Gunnar Sommerfeldt Gunnar Steinn Jónsson Gunnar Sverrisson Gunnar Thoroddsen Gunnar Thorvaldson Gunnar Örn Jónsson Gunnar Þór Gunnarsson Gunnars þáttr Þiðrandabana Gunnbjörn's skerries Gunnfríður Jónsdóttir Gunnhildur Gunnarsdóttir Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir Gunnlaugr Leifsson Gunnlaugr Ormstunga Gunnlaugur Halldórsson Gunnlaugur Jónsson Gunnlaugur Scheving Gunnleifur Gunnleifsson Gunnsteinn Ólafsson Gus Gus vs. T-World GusGus Guðbergur Bergsson Guðbjörg Gunnarsdóttir Guðbjörg Norðfjörð Guðbjörg Sverrisdóttir Guðbrandsbiblía Guðbrandur Vigfússon Guðbrandur Þorláksson Guðfríður Lilja Grétarsdóttir Guðjón Arnar Kristjánsson Guðjón Baldvinsson Guðjón Guðmundsson (swimmer) Guðjón Már Guðjónsson Guðjón Pétur Lýðsson Guðjón Samúelsson Guðjón Valur Sigurðsson Guðjón Árni Antoníusson Guðjón Þórðarson Guðlaugur Friðþórsson Guðlaugur Kristinn Óttarsson Guðmann Þórisson Guðmundar saga biskups Guðmundur and Geirfinnur case Guðmundur Andri Thorsson Guðmundur Arason Guðmundur Benediktsson Guðmundur Bragason Guðmundur Finnbogason Guðmundur frá Miðdal Guðmundur G. Hagalín Guðmundur Gunnarsson Guðmundur Guðmundsson (alpine skier) Guðmundur Guðmundsson (handballer) Guðmundur Hermannsson Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson Guðmundur Ingólfsson Guðmundur Jóhannsson Guðmundur Jónsson Guðmundur Kamban Guðmundur Kjærnested Guðmundur Kristján Bjarnason Guðmundur Kristjánsson Guðmundur Lárusson Guðmundur Mete Guðmundur Oddur Magnússon Guðmundur Pétursson Guðmundur Reynir Gunnarsson Guðmundur Sigurjónsson Guðmundur Steingrímsson Guðmundur Steinsson Guðmundur Torfason Guðmundur Árni Stefánsson Guðmundur Þorsteinsson Guðmundur Þór Kárason Guðmundur Þórarinsson Guðni Bergsson Guðni Th. Jóhannesson Guðni Ágústsson Guðni Ólafur Guðnason Guðný Björk Óðinsdóttir Guðný Halldórsdóttir Guðríður Símonardóttir Guðrún Bjarnadóttir Guðrún Erlendsdóttir Guðrún Eva Mínervudóttir Guðrún frá Lundi Guðrún Gróa Þorsteinsdóttir Guðrún Helgadóttir Guðrún Katrín Þorbergsdóttir Guðrún Kristjánsdóttir Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir Guðrún Lárusdóttir Guðrún Sóley Gunnarsdóttir Guðrún Ágústsdóttir Guðrún Ósvífrsdóttir Guðrún Guðrúnarlaug Gylfi Einarsson Gylfi Magnússon Gyrðir Elíasson Gásir Gæska: Skáldsaga Gísli Guðjónsson Gísli Halldórsson Gísli Magnússon Gísli Pálsson Gísli Þorgeir Kristjánsson Gísli Þorsteinsson H-dagurinn Habogi Hafdís Bjarnadóttir Hafdís Helgadóttir Hafdís Huld Hafdís Renötudóttir Hafliði Hallgrímsson Hafliði Másson Hafnarborg Hafnarfjordur Free Church Hafnarfjörður Hafnir Hafragilsfoss Hafravatn Hafskip Hafsteinn Geirsson Hafthor Julius Bjornsson Hafursey Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson Hagar (company) Hagkaup Hagsmunasamtök heimilanna Haiden Palmer Halla Gunnarsdóttir Halla Margrét Árnadóttir Halla Tómasdóttir Halla Vilhjálmsdóttir Hallar-Steinn Hallbera Guðný Gísladóttir Hallbera Þorsteinsdóttir Halldór Blöndal Halldór Guðbjörnsson Halldór Guðmundsson Halldór Helgason Halldór Laxness Halldór Ásgrímsson Halldór Ásmundsson Halldóra Briem Halldóra Eldjárn Halldóra Eyjólfsdóttir Halldóra K. Thoroddsen Halldóra Sigvaldadóttir Halldóra Tumadóttir Halldórr skvaldri Hallfreðr vandræðaskáld Hallgerður Gísladóttir Hallgrímskirkja (Hvalfjörður) Hallgrímskirkja Hallgrímur Fr. Hallgrímsson Hallgrímur Helgason Hallgrímur Jónasson Hallgrímur Pétursson Hallormsstaðaskógur Hallsteinn Sigurðsson HAM (band) Handknattleiksfélag Kópavogs Hangikjöt Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir Hannes Hafstein Hannes Hólmsteinn Gissurarson Hannes Pétursson Hannes Sigfússon Hannes Sigurðsson (art historian) Hannes Sigurðsson Hannes Stefánsson Hannes Þór Halldórsson Hannibal Valdimarsson Hans Jonatan Hansína Regína Björnsdóttir Haraldur Björnsson Haraldur Freyr Guðmundsson Haraldur Ingólfsson Haraldur Sigurðsson Haraldur Vignir Sveinbjörnsson Harpa (concert hall) Harpa Þorsteinsdóttir Harðar saga ok Hólmverja Hatari (band) Hauganes Haugbrot Haukadalur Haukar Handball Haukar RC Haukar women's basketball Haukar women's football Haukdælir family clan Hauksbók Haukur Angantýsson Haukur Arnórsson Haukur Halldórsson Haukur Hilmarsson Haukur Ingi Guðnason Haukur Jóhannsson Haukur Pálsson Haukur Sigurðsson (alpine skier) Haukur Tómasson Haukur Óskarsson Hauströkkrið yfir mér HB Grandi Health Committee (Iceland) Health in Iceland Healthcare in Iceland Heartstone (film) Heather Butler (basketball) Heaven (Jónsi song) Hegningarhúsið Heida Reed Heimaey stave church Heimaey Heimdallur (organisation) Heimir Björgúlfsson Heimir Einarsson Heimir Guðjónsson (footballer, born 1937) Heimir Guðjónsson (footballer, born 1969) Heimir Hallgrímsson Heimska Heimskringla Heimssýn Heiða Guðný Ásgeirsdóttir Heiðar Geir Júlíusson Heiðar Helguson Heiðmörk Hekla 3 eruption Hekla Hekluskógar Helena Sverrisdóttir Helena Ólafsdóttir Helga Aradóttir Helga Bachmann Helga Halldórsdóttir Helga Margrét Þorsteinsdóttir Helga María Vilhjálmsdóttir Helga the Fair Helga Vala Helgadóttir Helgafell Helgafellssveit Helgi Daníelsson (footballer, born 1933) Helgi Daníelsson (footballer, born 1981) Helgi Grétarsson Helgi Hjörvar Helgi Hóseasson Helgi Jóhannesson Helgi Jónas Guðfinnsson Helgi Jónsson Helgi Már Magnússon Helgi Pjeturss Helgi Sigurðsson Helgi Skúlason Helgi Sveinsson Helgi Tómasson (physician) Helgi Valdimarsson Helgi Ágústsson Helgi Ólafsson Helgi Þór Arason Hella, Iceland Hellisheiði Power Station Hellissandur longwave radio mast Hellissandur Hellnahellir Hellnahraun Hellnar Helluland Helvítis fokking fokk Hengill Henrik Danielsen Hera Björk Hera Hjartardóttir Herbert Arnarson Herbert Guðmundsson Herbert H. Ágústsson Herdis Thorgeirsdottir Hergilsey Hermann Gunnarsson Hermann Hermannsson Hermann Hreiðarsson Hermann Jónasson Hermann Pálsson Hermann Stefánsson Hermod and Hadvor Herðubreið Hesteyri Hidebound Hielmstierne (noble family) High Court (Iceland) High Icelandic Highlands of Iceland Hildur Björg Kjartansdóttir Hildur Guðnadóttir Hildur María Leifsdóttir Hildur Sigurðardóttir Hildur Vala Einarsdóttir Hilmar Björnsson Hilmar Grétarsson Hilmar Jensson Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson Hilmar Þorbjörnsson Hilmir Berg Halldórsson Hilmir Snær Guðnason Hinduism in Iceland History of Christianity in Iceland History of Iceland History of Icelandic History of Landsbanki History of the Jews in Iceland Hitaveita Suðurnesja Hjaltalín Hjalteyri Hjalti Guðmundsson Hjalti Skeggiason Hjálmar Jónsson (footballer) Hjálmar Jónsson (priest) Hjálmar Þórarinsson Hjálmar Hjálparfoss Hjördís Björk Hákonardóttir Hjörleifr Hróðmarsson Hjörleifshöfði Hjörleifur Guttormsson Hjörsey Hjörtur Hermannsson Hjörtur Logi Valgarðsson Hjörtur Már Reynisson Hjörvar Steinn Grétarsson Hlynur Bæringsson Hlín Eiríksdóttir Hlíðar Hlíðarendi Hlíðarfjall Hlöðufell Hnífsdalur Hof Ásatrúarfélagsins Hof, Iceland Hoffell Hofsjökull Hofsá Hofsós Holidays in Europe (The Naughty Nought) Holuhraun Home Rule Party (Iceland) Homogenic Hoppípolla Hornafjörður Hornstrandir Hospital Háskólasjúkrahús Hostel: Part II Households Party Housing Financing Fund How Geirald the Coward was Punished Hoyvík Agreement Hrafn Gunnlaugsson Hrafn Kristjánsson Hrafna-Flóki Vilgerðarson Hrafnagil Hrafnhildur Guðmundsdóttir Hrafnkels saga Hrannar Hólm Hraunfossar Hraungerðiskirkja Hraunhafnartangi lighthouse Hraunhafnartangi Hraunhreppur Hrefna Huld Jóhannesdóttir Hreinn Beck Hreiðar Guðmundsson Hreiðar Már Sigurðsson Hreppur Hreðavatn Hrings saga ok Tryggva Hringur Jóhannesson Hrokkinskinna Hrunamannahreppur Hrísey Hrómundartindur Hrútafjörður Huggy Ragnarsson Hugi Gudmundsson Hugleikur Dagsson Hulda (manuscript) Hulda (poet) Hulda Jakobsdóttir Hulda-Hrokkinskinna Hulder Huldufólk Human rights in Iceland Human trafficking in Iceland Humanist Party (Iceland) Hundadagar (book) Hungrvaka Husavik Power station Hvalbakur Hvalfjarðarstrandarhreppur Hvalfjarðarsveit Hvalfjörður Hvalur 9 RE399 Hvalvatn Hvammstangi Hvannadalshnúkur Hvanneyri Hvassaleiti Hvassaleitisskóli Hveragerði Hverfjall Hvolsvöllur Hvítavatn Hvítserkur Hvítá bridge Hvítá, Árnessýsla Hvítárholt Hvítárvatn Hydroelectricity in Iceland Háaleiti og Bústaðir Hádegismóar Temple Hágöngulón Háifoss Hákarl Hálfdan Narfason Hálslón Reservoir Háskólatorg Hásteinsvöllur Hægt og hljótt Hættuleg hljómsveit & glæpakvendið Stella Héradsflói Héraðsvötn Héðinn Steingrímsson Héðinsfjarðargöng Hítardalur Hólar University College Hólar Hólmavík Hólmfríður Karlsdóttir Hólmfríður Magnúsdóttir Hóp (Iceland) Höfn Glacier Museum Höfn Höfuðlausnir Höfðaletur Höfðatorg Tower 1 Höfðavatn Höfði Högna Sigurðardóttir Hörgársveit Hörður Barðdal Hörður Björgvin Magnússon Hörður Felixson Hörður Haraldsson Hörður Magnússon (footballer, born 1966) Hörður Torfason Hörður Vilhjálmsson Höskuldur Þórhallsson Hössi Ólafsson Höttur (basketball) Húnaflói Húnavatnshreppur Húnaþing vestra Húsafell Stone Húsafell Húsavík Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Húsavík Whale Museum Húsavík Húsavíkurhöfði Tunnel Ibrahim Sverrir Agnarsson Ice Hockey Iceland Icejet Iceland (C) station Iceland Air Defence System Iceland Airwaves Iceland and the International Monetary Fund Iceland at the 1912 Summer Olympics Iceland at the 1936 Summer Olympics Iceland at the 1948 Summer Olympics Iceland at the 1948 Winter Olympics Iceland at the 1952 Summer Olympics Iceland at the 1952 Winter Olympics Iceland at the 1956 Summer Olympics Iceland at the 1956 Winter Olympics Iceland at the 1960 Summer Olympics Iceland at the 1960 Winter Olympics Iceland at the 1964 Summer Olympics Iceland at the 1964 Winter Olympics Iceland at the 1968 Summer Olympics Iceland at the 1968 Winter Olympics Iceland at the 1972 Summer Olympics Iceland at the 1976 Summer Olympics Iceland at the 1976 Winter Olympics Iceland at the 1980 Summer Olympics Iceland at the 1980 Summer Paralympics Iceland at the 1980 Winter Olympics Iceland at the 1984 Summer Olympics Iceland at the 1984 Winter Olympics Iceland at the 1988 Summer Olympics Iceland at the 1988 Su