India–Lesotho relations

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India–Lesotho relations
Map indicating locations of India and Lesotho



India–Lesotho relations refers to the bilateral ties between the Republic of India and the Kingdom of Lesotho.

Both nations are part of the Non-Aligned Movement. "Considering that India is the largest democracy in the world, and in view of its past contributions to the promotion of peace", Lesotho has officially decided to back India's candidacy for a permanent seat in a reformed Security Council. Lesotho has also recognised the state of Jammu and Kashmir as an integral part of India, and supports the Indian stand on this issue.[1] According to the Indian High Commission to Pretoria's website, "Since 1996, the High Commission in Pretoria has been concurrently accredited to Lesotho. Earlier, Lesotho came under the charge of the High Commission in Botswana. Following the visit of Prime Minister Mosisili to India in August 2003, Lesotho opened a resident mission in New Delhi. Mr. Shabir Peerbhai was appointed as Lesotho’s High Commissioner to India."[2] Shri Man Mohan Bakaya has been appointed the Honorary Consul of India to the Kingdom of Lesotho in March 2014 in a ceremony held in the Lesotho capital Maseru, by the Indian High Commissioner to South Africa (accredited to Lesotho).[3]

Economic ties[edit]

In the year 2010-2011, Indian exports to Lesotho were valued at around US$17 million and imports at only US$1 million.[4]

Military ties[edit]

In 2001, under an agreement with India, an Indian Army Training Team (IATT) started training the LDF


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