India–Slovakia relations

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India–Slovakia relations
Map indicating locations of India and Slovakia



India–Slovakia relations refers to the bilateral ties between India and Slovakia. Both countries established relations in 1921 with a Czechoslovak consulate in Bombay.[1] Modern relations began in 1993 after the dissolution of the Czechoslovak state.

Slovakia has an embassy in New Delhi. It also has Honorary Consuls in Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore.[2] India operates an embassy in Bratislava.[3] Both nations are free from any bilateral problem, besides they cooperate well in international forums.[4]

Exchanges and Trade relations[edit]

The former Czechoslovakia was one of the largest trading partners of India in Central Europe. Diplomatic relations between the Republic of India and the Slovak Republic have been established in 1993. Under the trade agreement signed with Slovakia in 1993, a Joint Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation (ISJEC) was set up in May 1994. The 9th session of INJEC has been held in Bratislava in April 2017. So far nine meetings have been held. The 9th Session of INJEC was held in Bratislava on 21 April 2017.