India–Switzerland relations

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India-Switzerland relations
Map indicating locations of India and Switzerland



India–Switzerland relations, or Indo-Swiss relations, refers to the bilateral relationship between the Republic of India and Switzerland.


The first diplomatic engagement between the countries was a Treaty of Friendship signed at New Delhi on 14 August 1948. Diplomatic missions between the two countries were opened in Bern and Delhi soon after its conclusion. Switzerland established its Consulates General in Mumbai and Bengaluru. India has a Consulate General in Geneva.[1]


Narendra Modi visited Geneva in 2016 to strengthen the bilateral relations of the two countries.[2] He raised the black money issue with Swiss Government and secured its support for the Indian claim to NSG membership [3] which later Switzerland refuted and took a U-turn on India's NSG (Nuclear Supppliers Group) bid.[4]

Later, the Swiss President Doris Leuthard visited New Delhi, India in August 2017 to improve relations.

Sports relations[edit]

There is a relation in Indo-Swiss tennis pair of Leander Paes-Martina Hingis who has completed a Career Grand Slam in Mixed Doubles category: 2015 Australian Open, 2016 French Open, 2015 Wimbledon and 2015 US Open (tennis).

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