India–Turkmenistan relations

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India–Turkmenistan relations
Map indicating locations of Turkmenistan and India



India–Turkmenistan relations refers to the bilateral relationship between India and Turkmenistan. India has an embassy in Ashgabat which opened on 31 December 1994.[1] Turkmenistan has an embassy in New Delhi.[2]

TAPI Pipeline[edit]

India has particular interest in Turkmenistan's hydrocarbon reserves [3]

Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, together known as the TAPI countries, are working on a gas pipeline which is scheduled for completion in early 2017.[4] This is particularly important for India's burgeoning energy needs as on completion, the pipeline is expected to provide nearly 60% of India's energy needs.[5]


Total trade between Turkmenistan and India is meagre, amounting only to around US$ 42 million according to the Ministry of External Affairs of the Indian government.[4]


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