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Indiana Bible College (IBC) is a Bible college endorsed by the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI). It was founded in 1981 by Rev. Dennis Croucher of Seymour, Indiana, before relocating to Indianapolis in 1988 under the direction and sponsorship of Rev. Paul D. Mooney and Calvary Tabernacle of Indianapolis, Indiana. Its campus is located at 1502 East Sumner Avenue – the site of the former University Heights Hospital, one half mile north of the University of Indianapolis in University Heights.


Indiana Bible College focuses on preparing students for careers in professional ministry. The college offers Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts programs in Biblical Studies, Worship Studies and Missiology with academic minors in religious education, missiology, social science, theology, communications and media, and worship studies, youth ministries and urban ministries. Indiana Bible College provides leadership across the United Pentecostal Church International, both in music and theology. All degrees that are offered have not been accredited by any higher accreditation agencies. However, IBC credits and degrees routinely transfer to institutions of higher learning, and several students have used IBC degrees to obtain accredited master's degrees and Doctorates from around the country in various fields, though not in every case. The accredited seminary for the UPCI accepts degrees from IBC, because their accrediting agency considers IBC equivalent to an accredited Institution. For the past several years, IBC has been the largest UPCI Bible college. It offers on-site courses, night classes, a large External Studies program, and Spanish course offerings, at the main campus.

The Worship Studies Department has several groups that travel extensively ministering throughout the country. IBC Praise is a premier group, ministering before crowds of upwards of 22,000 people. IBC Chorale, Singers, Anthem, among others travel across North America. Smaller MSA groups, often numbering several per weekend, also minister in various places, with a preaching contingent also.

The Missiology Studies Department expanded in the Fall 2015, and now has two long time missionaries: Robert K. Rodenbush and William Turner as integral parts of the Dept.

Perspectives Magazine is the official magazine of IBC. It has a readership of about 20,000 per issue, making it the largest circulated Apostolic periodical in North America.

Jim Sleeva has been a missionary, prison chaplain, youth counselor, and Bible College instructor for many years. The Executive Vice President, Robert L. Rodenbush, holds a Masters and Doctorate of Law from Washington University. The Dean of Music, Lindel Anderson, holds a Doctor of Worship Studies (D.W.S) degree. Tim Massengale, and the Dean of Theology Bob Killmon have MDivs, and Jaye Rodenbush has a Masters in Higher Education. Others are noted in their field, including Dave Brown and Tim Pedigo. President Paul Mooney is an international speaker, writes an article for Perspectives monthly, has had a long running radio program, and is long time Pastor of Calvary Tabernacle, one of the largest Pentecostal churches in North America. Calvary's weekly services are streamed around the world, with Pastor Mooney as the primary speaker.

The library has around 20,000 volumes. A broad range of scholarly and practical periodicals are also accessible to students. A rare book room contains many volumes for special areas of study and learning.

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