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International Basketball Association
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No. of teams18
Countries United States

The International Basketball Association (IBA) was founded in Alexandria, Minnesota by entrepreneur Thomas Anderson in 1995. Anderson traveled the Upper Midwest searching for franchise owners for a couple of years before the league began play with five teams in the 1995-1996 season. The original owners of franchises in the league were George Daniel (Black Hills Posse-Rapid City, SD), John Korsmo, Al Gardner, and Al Hovland (Fargo Beez), Jeff McCarron (St. Cloud Rock 'n Rollers), Bill Sorensen (Dakota Wizards - Bismarck) and Earl Barish (Winnipeg Cyclones). Earl Barish of Winnipeg directed the IBA as League President and the league eventually grew to ten franchises. The founder, Thomas Anderson was granted a franchise along with partner Curt Zimbleman in Minot, North Dakota (Magic City Snowbears) for the 1996-1997 season. In the fall of 2001, CBA and IBL teams merged with the IBA and purchased the assets of the defunct CBA, including its name, logo and records from the bankruptcy court and restarted operations, calling itself the CBA. This group continued to operate until June 2009, when it was forced to cease operations.


Team City Years
Billings RimRockers Billings, Montana 1998–2001
Black Hills Gold Rapid City, South Dakota 1999–2000
Black Hills Posse Rapid City, South Dakota 1995–1998
Dakota Wizards Bismarck, North Dakota 1995–2001
Des Moines Dragons Des Moines, Iowa 1997–2001
Fargo-Moorhead Beez Fargo, North Dakota 1995–2001
Mansfield Hawks Mansfield, Ohio 1998–1999
Magic City Snowbears Minot, North Dakota 1996–2001
Rapid City Thrillers Rapid City, South Dakota 1998–1999
Rochester Skeeters Rochester, Minnesota 1998–2000
St. Cloud Rock'n Rollers St. Cloud, Minnesota 1995–1996
St. Paul Slam! St. Paul, Minnesota 1996–1998
Salina Rattlers Salina, Kansas 2000–2001
Saskatchewan Hawks Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 1999–2001
Siouxland Bombers Sioux City, Iowa 1999–2001
South Dakota Gold Mitchell, South Dakota 2000–2001
Winnipeg Cyclone Winnipeg, Manitoba 1995–2001
Wisconsin Blast Appleton, Wisconsin 1997–1999
Youngstown Hawks Youngstown, Ohio 1999–2000

League championships[edit]

Year Champion Most Valuable Player
1995–96 Fargo-Moorhead Beez Isaac Burton, Black Hills Posse
1996–97 Black Hills Posse Dennis Edwards, Black Hills Posse
1997–98 Fargo-Moorhead Beez Andrell Hoard, Winnipeg Cyclone & Mike Lloyd, Mansfield Hawks
1998–99 Mansfield Hawks Andrell Hoard, Winnipeg Cyclone & Mike Lloyd, Mansfield Hawks
1999–00 Des Moines Dragons Brian Green, Dakota Wizards
2000–01 Dakota Wizards Lonnie Cooper, Des Moines Dragons
The IBA merged with the International Basketball League and the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) to "restart" the CBA for the 2001–2002 season.


Most valuable player[edit]

  • 1995–96 – Isaac Burton (Black Hills Posse)
  • 1996–97 – Dennis Edwards (Black Hills Posse)
  • 1997–98 – Andrell Hoard (Winnipeg Cyclone) and Mike Lloyd (Mansfield Hawks)
  • 1998–99 – Andrell Hoard (Winnipeg Cyclone) and Mike Lloyd (Mansfield Hawks)
  • 1999–00 – Brian Green (Dakota Wizards)
  • 2000–01 – Lonnie Cooper (Des Moines Dragons)

Coach of the year[edit]

  • 1995–96 – Duane Ticknor (Black Hills Posse)
  • 1996–97 – Duane Ticknor (Black Hills Posse)
  • 1997–98 – Duane Ticknor (Black Hills Posse)
  • 1998–99 – Darryl Dawkins (Winnipeg Cyclone) and Kevin Mackey (Mansfield Hawks)
  • 1999–00 – Duane Ticknor (Dakota Wizards)
  • 2000–01 – Dave Joerger (Dakota Wizards) and Mike Born (Des Moines Dragons)

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