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International School of Toulouse
Flag of Occitania.svg
Haute Garonne
Coordinates43°36′53″N 1°18′12″E / 43.61484°N 1.3032°E / 43.61484; 1.3032Coordinates: 43°36′53″N 1°18′12″E / 43.61484°N 1.3032°E / 43.61484; 1.3032
School typePrivate – International
PrincipalMs. C. Steinson
Age4 to 18
Enrollmentc. 300

The International School of Toulouse is a private, international day school for boys and girls aged 3 to 18.

It was founded in 1999 by Airbus Mobility, a wholly owned subsidiary of Airbus SAS, with the aim to facilitate the global mobility of the company's workforce. The school also admits students whose parents are not sponsored by the Airbus Mobility program, subject to the payment of an annual tuition fee.[1]

It is located in Colomiers, near Toulouse, in the Haute Garonne department of France.[2] It shares this campus with the administration, kindergarten, and primary school of the Deutsche Schule Toulouse, a German international school.[3]


The school was founded in 1999 after the aeronautics industry in nearby Blagnac expanded. The school is sponsored by Airbus, with the aim of facilitating the mobility of their employees from all over the world.

The students[edit]

The internationally diverse student body comes from all over the globe, including Spain, South Africa, Ireland, France, Germany, the US, Brazil, the UK, Denmark, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Malaysia, Greece, Myanmar, Korea, Russia, and many other countries.[citation needed]

The curriculum[edit]

With the exception of sport, French, Spanish and German lessons, the teaching is mostly in English. The school is noted for its use of information technology in teaching and learning, with every student from age 9 onwards having the loan of their own laptop computer with a WIFI connection. The Primary school follows the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP), while the Secondary school offers students the GCSE and IGCSE to the 14–16 age range, and the International Baccalaureate in the sixth form for those after the age of 16. In September 2015 the secondary school was substantially extended with a new wing containing dedicated art and music rooms, a drama studio and an auditorium.


This history, music and geography teachers are very well respected and are very good.

Tuition and Fees[edit]

Although the school is intended principally to serve the educational needs of children of sponsored Airbus employees who transfer to Toulouse, other children may be accepted to the school on a tuition-paying basis, subject to available space and evaluation of their suitability.

According to the school's web site, the 2011–2012 school year tuition is:[4]

 €6,580 UK: FS1           US: Preschool        FR: PS
 €9,885 UK: FS2, Yrs 1–2  US: Preschool, K, 1  FR: MS, GS, CP
 €11,260 UK: Yrs 3–6       US: 2–5              FR: CE1 – CM2
 €15,600 UK: Yrs 7–9       US: 6–8              FR: 6eme – 4eme
 €16,015 UK: Yrs 10–11     US: 9–10             FR: 3eme – 2nde
 €17,410 UK: Yrs 12–13     US: 11–12            FR: 1ere – Terminale

To put these fees in context in the local community, according to France's national statistics agency, INSEE, the average salary in the Midi-Pyrénées region where IST is located is €21,448 (figures from 2006).[5]

A €1,500 (previously €1,000) registration fee must accompany an application and becomes non-refundable upon issuance of a letter of acceptance. There is a non-refundable €3,000 (previously €2,500) capital fee for each enrolling student. A refundable €1,000 security fee is charged to students who are issued a laptop computer.

Holiday schools[edit]

During the February, Easter and Summer holidays, the school once ran an ‘English School’ programme for local non-native speakers of English. For a total of five weeks in the year, a variety of courses in English, Drama, Music, ICT, Science, Art, Film Making and Sport were available. This programme has not run since 2011.

Exam Results[edit]

Students aged 16-18 undertake the International Baccalaureate. In 2016 the average grade of 34 was well above the global average of 30.07.


As of 2009, as part of the euroCampus project, new facilities (including a sports hall) now allow the ISt to share the site with the Deutsche Schule Toulouse (DST).


On 23 December 2006, Richard Jones-Nerzic, a former teacher at IST was dismissed. This decision raised concern that it had been taken to remove a union representative from the staff, since some other SUNDEP members were previously dismissed. His dismissal from the IST, in connection with the dismissal of another teacher, sparked adverse comment from teachers internationally, students, ex-students and parents. In January 2010, Richard Jones-Nerzic became the fourth teacher to win a case for unfair dismissal against the school.[6]


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