Iran–Tunisia relations

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Iran-Tunisia relations
Map indicating locations of Iran and Tunisia



Iranian-Tunisian relations refers to the bilateral tie between Iran and Tunisia.

Historical and modern relations[edit]

Unlike the majority of the Arab world which is deeply hostile to Iran, Tunisia is one of the few Arab countries to develop a good relations with Iran, especially ever since the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and the establishment of the Islamic Republic. Tunisia's neutrality has given them a good image on their relations, and somehow annoyed Saudi Arabia.

Tunisia is one of the few Arab countries to express condolence over the 2017 Tehran attacks, and both two countries share there would be no border for larger cooperation between Iran and Tunisia.[1]

Tunisia, together with Algeria, have been accused for praising Iran, which is denied by both.[2]

Tunisia also acts as a neutral and balanced power to balance the standoff between Iran and Saudi Arabia.[3]


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