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Islam is the religion of about 1 percent of the population of Zimbabwe.[1] The Muslim community consists primarily of South Asian immigrants (Indian and Pakistani), a small number of indigenous Zimbabweans, and a very small number of North African and Middle Eastern immigrants. There are mosques located in nearly all of the larger towns.[citation needed]

Estimates on the number of Muslims in Zimbabwe is 1.2 Million, according to the Agnes Chiwara.[2]

There have been sayings amongst muslims that Arab traders have played a significant role in the construction of Great Zimbabwe, similarly to their role in neighboring Northern Mozambique. They point to the indigenous tribe of Varemba/Lemba which mostly resides Masvingo and Mberengwa who retain several common points with Abrahamic faiths. Although a small proportion practice Islam, the majority identify themselves as the "black jews of Zimbabwe".

A great number of Muslims have also arrived since the discovery of diamonds in the Manicaland area from North and Western African regions. The Islamic migrants are otherwise largely coming from the Yao tribe of neighboring Malawi.

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