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Turkish Airlines Cup
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2017 Italian LNP Cup
Inaugural season1998
No. of teams8 (Serie A2), 8 (Serie B)
CountryItaly Italy
ConfederationFIBA Europe
Most recent
De' Longhi Treviso (Serie A2)
Most titlesVeroli Basket
(3 titles)
TV partner(s)Sportitalia
Serie A2 Basket
Official websiteLNP Cup official website

The Italian LNP Cup (Italian: Coppa Italia LNP), known as Turkish Airlines Cup for sponsorship reasons,[1] is an annual cup competition for Italian basketball teams organized by Italy's second league in the Italian basketball league system, the Serie A2 Basket. The tournament is organised by the Lega Nazionale Pallacanestro (LNP), the organisation responsible for running the national second division Serie A2, third division Serie B, and fourth division Serie C championships.

A different cup is awarded for each of these respective divisions, though the event has been organised at the same date and place (under the name Rhythm'n'Basket Festival) from 2014, up to the current 2016 edition.[2]


For the 2015 edition, the Serie A2 Final Six was composed of the four best ranked teams in Serie A2 Gold and the two best ranked teams in Serie A2 Silver at the end of the league first stage. The Serie B Final Four was preceded by a preliminary phase that saw the first-ranked teams of each league group (A, B, C, D) play against the second-ranked team of another group for a place in the cup. The Serie C Final Eight was also preceded by a prelimany phase, in which teams from different regions were pitted against each other for spots in the final phase.[3]

The Rhythm'n'Basket (RnB) festival, organised since 2014 in association with Rimini Fiera, sees the games take place in the Rimini Expo Centre halls, one of which is converted for the occasion into two basketball courts (named Parigi 1999 and Atene 2004 in reference to the titles of the Italian national team) complete with two stands for a capacity of 5,000.[4]

The 2017 edition, sees the games take place in Unipol Arena in Bologna for a record capacity of 9,513. Since 2017 Turkish Airlines become new title sponsor of the tournament for Serie A2 and Serie B.

Serie A2 Cup champions (2nd-tier level)[edit]

Edition Venue Champion Score Finalist MVP Best Under-22[a]
2005 PalaDozza, Bologna Upea Capo d'Orlando 94-83 Eurorida Scafati United States Rolando Howell
2006 PalaSegest, Ferrara Eurorida Scafati 90-81 Zarotti Imola United States B.J. McKie
2007 PalaSojourner, Rieti Sebastiani Rieti 71-61 Carife Ferrara United States Marcus Melvin
2008 PalaSegest, Ferrara Fileni Jesi 72-62 Carife Ferrara United States Harold Jamison Italy Marco Allegretti
2009[5] PalaSomenzi, Cremona Prima Veroli 79-68 Vanoli Soresina United States Kyle Hines Italy Silvio Gigena
2010 PalaSerradimigni, Sassari Prima Veroli 68-58 Enel Brindisi United States Jason Rowe Italy Ivan Gatto
2011[6] Sporting Palace, Novara Prima Veroli 81-67 Aget Imola United States Jarrius Jackson Italy Davide Bruttini
2012[7] Palaflorio, Bari Enel Brindisi 77-74 Fileni BPA Jesi United States Jimmie Hunter Italy Marco Giuri
2013[8] PalaTrento, Trento Bitumcalor Trento 84-76 Giorgio Tesi Group Pistoia Italy Davide Pascolo
2014[9] Padiglioni Fiera Rimini, Rimini Eurotrend Biella 100-94 Aquila Basket Trento United States Damian Hollis Italy Matteo Bertolazzi
Italy Eric Lombardi
2015[10] Padiglioni Fiera Rimini, Rimini Tezenis Verona 91-86 FMC Ferentino Nigeria Michael Umeh Italy Giovanni Allodi
2016[11] Padiglioni Fiera Rimini, Rimini Givova Scafati 72-62 Dinamica Mantova Italy Marco Portannese Italy Davide Alviti
2017[12] Unipol Arena, Bologna Segafredo Virtus Bologna 69-68 Angelico Biella Italy Marco Spissu
2018[13] UBI BPA Sport Center, Jesi Bertram Tortona 89-57 OraSì Ravenna Italy Francesco Stefanelli
2019[14] Palasavelli, Porto San Giorgio De' Longhi Treviso 84-75 Lavoropiù Fortitudo Bologna Poland David Logan

Serie B Cup champions (3rd-tier level)[edit]

Edition Venue Champion Score Finalist MVP
2014[15] Padiglioni Fiera Rimini, Rimini Benacquista Latina 71-69 I.Dek Legnano Italy Manuel Carrizo
2015[16] Padiglioni Fiera Rimini, Rimini Contadi Castaldi Montichiari 94-83 BCC Convergenze Agropoli Italy Riccardo Perego
2016[17] Padiglioni Fiera Rimini, Rimini Unieuro Forlì 78-64 Eurobasket Roma Italy Michele Ferri
2017[18] Unipol Arena, Bologna Cuore Napoli Basket 60-58 Agribertocchi Orzinuovi Serbia Stefan Nikolić

Serie C Cup champions (4th-tier level)[edit]

Edition Venue Champion Score Finalist MVP
2014[19] Padiglioni Fiera Rimini, Rimini A.S.D. Luiss 71-69 Globo Allianz ASD Campli Basket Italy Fabrizio Smorto
2015[20] Padiglioni Fiera Rimini, Rimini Basket Scauri 69-67 Allianz San Severo Italy Simone Bagnoli
2015[21] Padiglioni Fiera Rimini, Rimini Vis Nova Roma 62-49 Tarcento Italy Tommaso Rossetti

Sponsorship names[edit]

Throughout the years, due to sponsorship, the competition has been known as:

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  1. ^ Formerly Best Italian (2008-2012) then Best Under-24 (2013)


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