Jasmin Hagendorfer

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Jasmin Hagendorfer
Jasmin Hagendorfer, 2017.png
Jasmin Hagendorfer (Vienna 2017).
Alma materAcademy of Fine Arts Vienna
Notable work
Art Unanchored, PFFV
Styleinstallation, sculpture, performance
Movementfeminist art, contextual painting

Jasmin Hagendorfer (also known as Hagendorfer) is a Vienna-based contemporary artist, curator and festival organizer. She is one of the founders and creative director of the Porn Film Festival Vienna.[1] Her main artistic interest[2] is in installation,[3] sculpture[4] and performance, and her work has been exhibited in Austria, Germany, Turkey, Serbia and Greece.[5][6] As an artist she is concerned with social and political discourses and questions about gender identity with an emphasis on post-porn political works.[7][8]

As an art curator[9] she creates events such as "Art Unanchored", an art festival that took place on a ship traveling between Vienna and Bratislava,[10][11][12][13] and several queer art shows.[14]

Blendwerk (2018), an installation piece by Hagendorfer/Ablinger

Her work as a founder and organizer of the Porn Film Festival Vienna focuses on conceptualizing the festival, creating artistic highlights and working on programming and outreach. Hagendorfer and her team, according to the Austrian mainstream press, are trying to bridge the gap between feminist and queer theory, art, and pornography.[15][16][17][18][19][20]


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