Jaysh al-Izza

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Army of Glory
جيش العزة
Jaysh al-Izza
Participant in the Syrian Civil War
Logo of the Army of Glory
Group(s)Homs al-Adiya Brigades
LeadersMaj. Jamil al-Saleh[1]
HeadquartersAl-Lataminah, Hama Governorate[1]
Area of operations
Size1,500 (late 2015)[1]
Part ofSyrian opposition Free Syrian Army
Army of Victory (2015)
Allies Tahrir al-Sham
Guardians of Religion Organization[2]
Turkistan Islamic Party in Syria
Ajnad al-Sham
Malhama Tactical
National Front for Liberation
Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army
Opponent(s) Syria
Arab Nationalist Guard
Ba'ath Brigades
Syrian Resistance
Battles and war(s)Syrian Civil War

The Army of Glory (Arabic: جيش العزة‎, romanizedJaysh al-Izza), formerly the Union of Glory (Arabic: تجمع العزة‎, romanized: Tajamu‘ al-‘Izza), is a Syrian rebel group affiliated with the Free Syrian Army active in northwestern Syria, mainly in the al-Ghab Plain in northern Hama and its surroundings. Pro-opposition members of the Friends of Syria Group have supplied the group with anti-tank missiles[1] including 9K111 Fagots, BGM-71 TOWs, 9K38 Iglas and Mistrals.[3]


An Army of Glory fighter launches a BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missile at a Syrian government position during the 2017 Hama offensive.

On 30 September 2015, the first day of the Russian military intervention in the Syrian Civil War, 2 Russian bombs with 8-10 submunitions struck the group's headquarters and arm depots in a cave in the village of Al-Lataminah in northern Hama.[1][4]

During the 2016 Hama offensive in September 2016, Jaysh al-Izza used a BGM-71 TOW missile to blow up a low-flying Aérospatiale Gazelle helicopter, which they alleged to be Russian.[5]

In September 2018, though originally accepting the 2018 Idlib demilitarization brokered by Russia and Turkey, with the group's leadership even thanking Turkish President Recep Erdogan for the agreement, the group later shifted its position to opposing the agreement after it was revealed that Syrian Governmental and other Pro-Assad forces would not be required to withdraw from the DMZ and that it would run entirely in opposition held areas.[6]

On June 8th activists reported of the death of Abdel Baset al-Sarout, a former goalkeeper and head of several opposition demonstrations against Bashar al-Assad. Sarout took part in an offensive in Hama countryside as a commander of Jaysh al-Izza.[7]


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