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Jerry Holbert is a cartoonist best known for his political cartoons.

He has a syndicated editorial comic strip. He received the National Cartoonist Society Editorial Cartoon Award for the year 2000.

Holbert grew up in Middletown Township, New Jersey.[1]

He currently works for the Boston Herald newspaper, where he publishes editorial cartoons.

In October 2014, Holbert came under criticism for what many people viewed as a racist depiction of United States President Barack Obama which used the watermelon stereotype: Holbert pictured a recent White House intruder using the president's bathtub while recommending to Obama the use of watermelon-flavored toothpaste.[2][3][4] After negative public reaction, Holbert and also the Boston Herald apologized, and the nationally syndicated version of the cartoon was hastily edited to change the toothpaste flavor to raspberry.[5]


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