Jersey Financial Services Commission

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Jersey Financial Services Commission
Jersey Financial Services Commission logo.png
Agency overview
Headquarters14-18 Castle Street, St Helier, Jersey[1]
Coordinates: 49°11′05″N 2°06′39″W / 49.18461°N 2.11081°W / 49.18461; -2.11081
Employees140 (2018)[2]
Annual budget£17 million (2018)[2]
Agency executive
  • John Harris, Director General[3]

The Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC) is the regulatory body for financial services in Jersey.


The commission was set up as an independent body by law in 1998.[4] Its responsibilities include the regulation of the banking and finance sectors, the registration of companies in Jersey, and "promoting the Island as a centre for financial services".[4] The law was later amended to remove the latter mission.[5][3] Since then, the commission has been responsible for the implementation of the gradually tighter regulation of the offshore financial activity in Jersey, under international pressure against money laundering and tax avoidance.[3][6][7]

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glass and concrete entrance of the JFSC headquarters
Headquarters of the JFSC


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