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Jnātrdhārmakathāh is the sixth of the 12 Jain āgamas said to be promulgated by Māhavīra himself. Jnātrdhārmakathāh translated as "Stories of Knowledge and Righteousness" is said to have been composed by Ganadhara Sudharmaswami as per the Śvetámbara tradition.

Subject matter of the Agama[edit]

It contains a series of narratives, from which morals about results of following the religious path are drawn. The Eighth Chapter gives the story of Lord Mallinath the nineteenth Tirthankara.

English translations[edit]

Popular English Translations are :- Illustrated SRI JNATADHARMAKATHANGA SUTRA in 2 volumes Prakrit Gatha - Hindi exposition - English exposition and Appendices Ed. by Pravartaka Amar Muni, Shrichand Surana Saras, Eng. tr. by Surendra Bothra