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John or Johane Marange (Johane Marange) (1912-1963) was a Zimbabwean Apostolic leader, prophet, and founder of the Apostolic Church of John Marange.[1]

He was born Muchabaya Momberume (also spelled Ngomberume) near Bondwe Mountain in the Marange Tribal Trustland of Southern Rhodesia in 1912.

He was given the name Johanne Mubhabhatidzi Mupostori in 1932 July . He was educated as a Methodist.He was born in 1912 and at the age of 5years he began to receive the Holy Spirit(1917) He had brothers named Anorodi and Konoriyo. In 1932, when Marange was 20, he returned from journeys in the bush announcing a series of visions and encounters with Jesus Christ, calling him to be a Holy Spirit guided itinerant preacher and establish a new African church.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8] In his visions he was also admonished that he should baptize people and observe the [Saturday] Sabbath (Sabata In Shona). He founded the largest independent church in Central Africa.[9] The main gathering of the church occurred at Passover feast named PASKA at Marange's village, lasting for seventeen days, and ending with communion.

St John before his death made it known that ONLY his sons would become PRIESTS. After St John passed on in 1962, his SON Abel Momberume became the next PRIEST and his Junior Priest was (Mcabes-Makebo) After Abel passed on in 1992, Noah Taguta (Son of Anorodi) stole some garments at Abels funeral and started calling himself a PRIEST, thereby going against waht St John had mentioned that only HIS sons would become Priests. Clements later on became the next Priest after the passing of Abel. Clements's Junior priest was Egnatious (Enginas). Noah Taguta later on started his won church called ST NOAH APOSTOLIC CHURCH, and has a durawall built in BOCHA where his followers gather. He now calls himself (MUTUMWA NOAH). A lot of people are not aware that NOAH TAGUTA is not ST JOHN's son and that he is the Son of ANORODHI who was Brother to the late St John.


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