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GenreCountry, folk
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Patriot, the 79th overall album by the American singer-songwriter Johnny Cash, is a 1991 album that collects some of Cash's patriotic songs released on Columbia Records. The album contains 10 tracks from Cash's long stint with Columbia, from 1958 to 1987, including two songs not commonly found on other Cash releases: The opening track, "Song of the Patriot", was originally released on the 1981 compilation album Encore, and the ninth track, "Singing in Vietnam Talking Blues", comes from the 1971 vinyl album Man In Black and sees its first release on CD here.

Track listing[edit]

1."Song of the Patriot"Shirl Milete / Marty Robbins3:28
2."Paul Revere" (with dialogue)Glenn Tubb2:43
3."Gettysburg Address" (with dialogue)Abraham Lincoln2:40
4."Man In Black"Johnny Cash2:51
5."From Sea to Shining Sea"Johnny Cash1:38
6."Mr Garfield"Ramblin' Jack Elliott3:59
7."Sold Out of Flag Poles"Johnny Cash2:46
8."The Ballad of Ira Hayes"Peter La Farge4:11
9."Singing in Vietnam Talking Blues"Johnny Cash2:59
10."Ragged Old Flag"Johnny Cash3:09