Joseph Anton von Simbschen

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Joseph Anton von Simbschen
Born6 October 1746 (1746-10-06)
Kunštát, modern Czech Republic
Died14 January 1820 (1820-01-15) (aged 73)
Vienna, Austria
AllegianceHabsburg Monarchy Habsburg Austria
Austrian Empire Austrian Empire
Years of service1761–1815, 1818–1820
AwardsOrder of Maria Theresa, KC 1806

Joseph Anton von Simbschen (6 October 1746 – 14 January 1820) served in the Austrian army during the War of the First Coalition as a staff officer in Italy. He rose in rank to general officer and fought at Loano, Limburg, and Neuwied. During the War of the Second Coalition in 1799 he led the Austrian forces at Amsteg in Switzerland and later earned promotion to Feldmarschall-Leutnant. He led a division during the German campaign in 1800. His actions at Caldiero in 1805 earned him the Order of Maria Theresa. Simbschen was seen as a braggart and loudmouth, qualities which earned him many enemies. When his friend Archduke Charles, Duke of Teschen resigned from the army in 1809, Simbschen's enemies pounced; he was court-martialed, cashiered, and sentenced to house arrest in 1813. The Aulic War Council imposed a harsher prison sentence in 1815, but in 1818 his military rank and awards were restored.


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Military offices
Preceded by
Anton von Thurn-Valle-Sassina
Inhaber of Infantry Regiment Nr. 43
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Joseph Philipp Vukassovich
Inhaber of Infantry Regiment Nr. 48
Succeeded by
Paul von Radivojevich