Joseph Conradi

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Joseph Conradi
Berne, Switzerland
Los Angeles, California
NationalitySwiss, USA
Known forJoseph Conradi, Architect and Sculptor

Joseph Conradi (1867–1936) was an American sculptor and architect of Swiss descent, who designed a number of Catholic churches, schools, convents and rectories in the United States.

Personal life[edit]

Born in Berne, Switzerland in 1867 Conradi studied in Italy and came to the U.S. in 1887, settling in St. Louis and established a practice first specializing in sculpture and later architecture. For a time he entered practice with Theodore Schrader under the name Schrader and Conradi. In about 1915 he moved to Los Angeles where he was associated with Albert C. Martin, Sr..

Works include[edit]

The altar in the Church of All Saints in Keokuk, Iowa

With Albert C. Martin Sr.: