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Judith Eisler (born 1962) is an artist based in Vienna, Austria and Warren, CT.

Judith Eisler is a painter who gathers source imagery from watching films and photographing stills from the footage. Eisler's works typically have glossy surfaces and feature blurred imagery and light defined as substance. Descended from Pop art and Photorealism, her fluid paint-handling incorporates elements of James Rosenquist’s billboard fuzziness and Marilyn Minter’s bracing aggressiveness.[1] Since 2009, Eisler has been a professor of painting at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Die Angewandte), Austria. She received her BFA from Cornell University in 1984.

Movie Lights 3, oil on canvas, 183 x 244 cm, 2014. Original painting by Judith Eisler.


2002 - John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship


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