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Junior MasterChef Australia (series 2)
Country of originAustralia
Original networkNetwork Ten
Original release25 September (2011-09-25) –
23 November 2011 (2011-11-23)
Series chronology
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The second series of Junior MasterChef Australia premiered on Sunday, 25 September 2011.[1] Auditions closed on 6 May 2011; children who will be aged between eight and twelve years old during the period from 13 June to 28 October 2011 were eligible. The judging panel consists of Gary Mehigan. George Calombaris, Matt Moran and Anna Gare. Matt Preston, who has been involved in every incarnation of the MasterChef Australia series up to this point, will be taking a step back from the series (also declining a spot as a guest judge on the U.S. version of MasterChef), stating he wants to concentrate on his duties as a food critic.[2] He will be replaced by Matt Moran.

Some parents of prospective participants have been critical of the far-reaching contract required by the program's production company.[3]

Prime Minister Julia Gillard filmed a guest appearance.[4] The show also features a trip to Disneyland California.

The series was won by Greta Yaxley from Claremont, Western Australia.[5]

Top 20 contestants[edit]

Contestant Age State Status
Greta Yaxley 11 WA Winner
23 November 2011
Jack Kibble 12 QLD Runner-up
23 November 2011
Harry Christophers 12 WA Eliminated
22 November 2011
Zac Simshauser 12 NSW
Alysha Bernard 12 WA Eliminated
21 November 2011
Indigo Porter 12 QLD
Chandler May 11 SA Eliminated
20 November 2011
Lily Simpson 10 NSW
Kieren Dolianitis 11 VIC Eliminated
13 November 2011
Madi Davis 11 NSW
Miraede Bhatia 10 SA
Steven Tsoukatos 12 SA
Dee Heyworth 12 NSW Eliminated
30 October 2011
Gracie Nieuwohf 12 TAS
Marcus Pannozzo 11 NSW
Tom Vega 11 NSW
Aya Martinuzzo 12 NSW Eliminated
16 October 2011
Caroline Wang 11 NSW
Hannah Olive 12 VIC
Jade Finn 10 QLD

Ratings and episodes[edit]

Junior Masterchef Australia (Series 2) metropolitan viewership and nightly position
Episode Original airdate Viewers
(in millions)
1 "Top 50 - Round 1" 25 September 2011 1.129 #5 [6]
2 "Top 50 - Round 2" 26 September 2011 0.955 #8
3 "Top 50 - Round 3" 2 October 2011 1.055 #11 [7]
4 "Top 20 Arrive at
The MC Kitchen"

In the top 20 first mystery box. The top 6 dishes will be tasted and Gracie got third place for her chocolate cake and salmon crepes, Jack got second place for his Victoria Sponge and Lily wins for her frittata and pavlova roll. And after the Greek challenge, Indigo came third for the best spatchcock dish, Jack came second for the best squid dish and Madi comes first for the best lamb dish.

3 October 2011 0.770 #11
5 "Offsite Challenge -
Summit Restaurant"

The top 20 go to a summit restaurant and will be working in four teams of five Madi is the blue team captain with Aya, Gracie, Hannah and Jade, Alysha was made the team captain of the yellow team having Caroline, Harry, Tom and was left with Marcus, Chandler was made captain of the green team with Dee, Jack, Kieren and Steven. And Miraede is captain of the red team having Greta, Lily, Zac and was left with Indigo. The yellow team comes fourth, blue team is third, green team wins, meaning the red team is second.

9 October 2011 0.899 #11 [8]
6 "Taste Test & Invention Test -

The top 20 have a taste test of a famous rocky road. Tom and Hannah get third place getting 12 out of 20, Chandler and Gracie are second place getting 13 out of 20 and Greta, Harry, Indigo, Lily, Madi and Miraede come first getting 14 out of 20. Then after an invention test Greta comes third, Jade comes second and Chandler comes first. In the end Aya, Alysha, Caroline, Marcus, Tom, Hannah, Jade and Zac are at the bottom of the score board meaning that they are up for elimination.

10 October 2011 0.843 #13
7 "Pressure Test & Perfect Roast"

After the perfect roast challenge, Alysha and Tom get into the top 16 and after the risotto pressure test Marcus and Zac get into the top 16 meaning Aya, Caroline, Hannah and Jade are eliminated.

16 October 2011 0.872 #8 [9]
8 "Mystery Box & Family Desserts"

In a Mystery box challenge, Harry comes third, Greta comes second and Alysha comes first. After the apple pie challenge, Miraede and Steven come first with 2 votes, Zac comes second with 3 votes and Indigo's pie earned her 4 votes and first place.

17 October 2011 0.741 #13
9 "Offsite Challenge -
Tobruk Sheep Station"

Indigo is the team captain of the blue team having, Jack, Kieren and was left with Greta, Gracie captains the red team having, Alysha, Steven and was left with Miraede, The yellow team captain is Tom having, Dee, Harry and Madi, and the green team captain is Lily having Chandler, Marcus and Zac to cook a three course meal on Tobruk Sheep Station. The blue team comes fourth, the yellow team comes third, the red team comes second giving the green team the win.

23 October 2011 N/A N/A N/A
10 "Prawn Invention Test & 5 Star Breakfast Challenge"

After a breakfast challenge, Kieren comes third, Dee is second and Zac is first and after an invention test Zac comes third, Greta comes second and Alysha is first. In the end, Dee, Gracie, Harry, Jack, Kieren, Marcus Steven and Tom have to get their way through to the top 12.

24 October 2011 N/A N/A N/A
11 "The Perfect Curry & Cheesecake Pressure Test"

After the curry challenge Jack and Steven get through and after the cheesecake challenge Harry and Kieren are in the top 12 meaning Dee, Gracie, Marcus and Tom are eliminated. The top 12 have a surprise trip to the USA.

30 October 2011 N/A N/A N/A
12 "Top 12 Travel to The USA"

The top 12's score are now back to zero. In a five star dish challenge third place goes to Jack, second place goes to Indigo and Greta wins, putting her at the top of the score board.

31 October 2011 N/A N/A N/A
13 "Perfect American Hamburgers & Prawn Quesadillas "

In an American Hamburger challenge, Greta is the team captain of the red team having Chandler, Harry, Kieren, Miraede and Steven, while Zac is the team captain of the blue tam having Alysha, Indigo, Jack, Lily and Madi. The blue team won leading the red team to a prawn quesadilla challenge, Harry came third, Steven, second and Greta first.

6 November 2011 N/A N/A N/A
14 "Disneyland Challenge"

The top twelve have to make a disney inspired dish in pairs: Chandler and Indigo, Zac and Alysha, Harry and Lily, Greta and Kieren, Madi and Miraede; and Jack and Steven. Zac and Alysha came third, Harry and Lily cam second and Greta and Kieren cam first.

7 November 2011 N/A N/A N/A
15 "Mad Hatters Tea Party & A Pressure Test"

The contestants will have to make six cupcakes. Miraede came third, Indigo came second and Jack cam first in the end Chandler, Harry, Kieren, Madi, Miraede and Steven had to get a place in the top 8. And after a pressure test Harry and Chandler get through meaning, Kieren, Madi, Miraede and Steven are eliminated.

13 November 2011 0.856 #7 [10]
16 "Double Mystery Box"

After a double mystery box challenge, Greta comes third, Zac is second and Lily is first and the it's a tag team challenge in a boxing ring, Blue team, (boys) Chandler, Harry, Jack and Zac and the red team (girls) Alysha, Greta, Indigo and Lily, The boys won, with the scores 15-14.

14 November 2011 0.602 #18 [11]
17 "Food Deception & Christmas Dinner"

After a food deception challenge Jack comes third, Zac comes second and Indigo is first and after a slumber party and Christmas cooking, Lily comes third, Zac comes second and Greta comes first.

15 November 2011 0.708 #15 [12]
18 "Perfect Pavlova"

After a perfect pavlova challenge Indigo comes third, Greta comes second and Harry comes first. Unfortunately the six points weren't enough to keep him yet, so Harry with Alysha, Chandler and Lily had a Pressure test, Harry and Alysha got through, meaning Chandler and Lily are eliminated.

20 November 2011 0.845 #8 [13]
19 "Conveyor Belt Mystery Challenge"

After the mystery box challenge Greta won and gets advantages. She gets through to the grand finale at the end of the invention test, Harry, Jack and Zac also get through, eliminating Alysha and Indigo.

21 November 2011 0.675 #14 [14]
20 "Semi Final"

After three course meal service, Jack gets through to the grand finale meaning Harry and Zac are eliminiated leaving with a $5,000 trust fund.

22 November 2011 0.723 #15 [15]
21 "Grand Final" 23 November 2011 0.934 #10 [16]
"Winner Announced"

Greta wins the competition leaving with a $15,000 trust fund and Jack becomes the runner up receiving a $10,000 trust fund.

0.911 #12

International Syndication[edit]

Country Channel Start Date Notes
 India Star World 2 November 2012 SD and HD with English subtitles
 Italy Cielo Dubbed
 Indonesia B-Channel 2013-2014 English subtitles
 Mexico TLC 2013 Dubbed on Spanish
 Portugal SIC Mulher December 2013 with Portuguese subtitles
 Sweden tv3 2013
 Kuwait STAR World HD July 2013 Arabic Subtitles
 The Netherlands 24kitchen 2016 with Dutch Subtitles


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