Jutland (board game)

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Jutland box cover
Publisher(s)Avalon Hill
Publication date1967
Genre(s)Board game,
tactical wargame

Jutland is a wargame designed by Jim Dunnigan and published by Avalon Hill Game Company in 1967. The game covers the Battle of Jutland, fought in May and June 1916 between the British Grand Fleet and the German High Seas Fleet off the Jutland coast of Denmark.

The game is unusual for an Avalon Hill game in that there is no mapboard. Instead, the game operates on two levels: a higher level in which the two players use pencil marks on pre-printed paper maps of the North Sea to plot movements of their fleets, and, once fleets come into contact, a lower level in which the players deploy cardboard pieces each representing a single capital ship or a flotilla of light cruisers or destroyers on any convenient flat (and large) surface. Game play at the lower level is more like miniature play than like Avalon Hill's traditional hexgrid mapboard game. The game provided custom rulers for determining movement. The rulers had a rounded end for changing the direction of a line of ships. The game's instructions noted that the ship counters were not to scale in relation to movement rulers. Instructions were included for the gamer to make scale movement rulers. A large room was required to play at this scale.

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