KP vz. 38

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KP vz. 38
TypeSubmachine gun
Place of originCzechoslovakia
Production history
DesignerFrantišek Myška
ManufacturerČeská Zbrojovka Strakonice
Mass3.2 kg
Length810 mm
Barrel length230 mm

Cartridge.380 ACP
Rate of fire500 rounds/min
Feed system36 box magazine or 96 drum magazine

Kulometná pistole vzor 38 (machine gun pistol model 38), also referred to as Samopal vzor 38, was a Czechoslovak submachine gun developed during the late 1930s by František Myška.[1][2]The weapon was officially put into service with the Czechoslovak Army with an order of initial 3,500 pieces to be produced.[3][4] However, due to the Sudeten crisis, the full scale production of the submachine gun was halted with minuscule numbers being fully completed. None of the completed samples managed to be used by Czechoslovak soldiers.[3]


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