Kaeng hang le

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Kaeng hang le
Place of originThailand
Region or stateNorthern Thailand
Main ingredientsPork, hang le powder
VariationsMan style, Chiang Saen style,
Food energy
(per serving)
540 calories kcal

kaeng hang le (Thai: แกงฮังเล, pronounced [kɛ̄ːŋ hāŋ lēː]) is a Northern Thai curry dish.


Kaeng hang le originates from Myanmar. The origins perhaps are closer to the northern Thai border in Myanmar, where a pork curry called wet tha hin (ဝက်သားဟင်း) includes a sour component, just as the Thai version includes tamarind. Hang le is derived from the Burmese words hin lay (ဟင်းလေး, spelt hang le), which means "heavy curry."[1] However, Thai people usually prepare it with pork because it mixes well with spices. It tastes a little bit spicy but is also salty and sour. Kaeng hang le is very popular in Northern Thailand and well known as a Thai traditional in a region specialty.[2] In fact, many restaurants in Chiang Mai call it ‘Burmese curry.’

Ingredients and Preparation[edit]

Like other Thai curry. There are 2 parts of ingredient which are the paste and the curry. The curry paste including dried chillies, salt, lemongrass, galangal, shallots, garlic, fresh turmeric, shrimp paste (kapi) and spice masala mix.[3] The curry consist of pork belly, pineapple, ginger, shallots. sweet soy sauce, masala powder, sugar and fish sauce.

Kaeng hang le is usually made from belly pork but we can also change to chicken, beef or fish. Which may contain sugar, tamarind juice, ginger, garlic, peanut and hang le powder to make it more tasty. For the soup paste typically includes with dried paper, guinea pepper, shallot, lemongrass, rotten peanut, pineapple, water and shrimp paste. Simmer over low heat for at least 40 minutes but not cooked to be burnt or dry.[4]

The secret of preparation : In a part for prepare the paste of kaeng hang le. While we are roasting, we should use the medium heat. Also we can use santol instead of tamarind to make it more sourer and aromatic. For pork, we should choose pork belly but not thick or choose pork ribs for cooking. And eat sticky rice with kaeng hang le is the best flavor...[5]


Each province has its own recipe, some recipes include sliced ginger, different amounts of black soy sauce result in darkness of the curry. Some recipes have different amount of boiling time result in different thickness. The curry paste also difference each province that sell by local shop. In the modern day sliced pineapple is also add to soften the pork

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