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State Treasurer of
the State of Kansas
KS Treasurer Seal.png
Jake LaTurner

since April 25, 2017
Term lengthFour years, renewable once

The State Treasurer of Kansas is the chief custodian of Kansas’s cash deposits, monies from bond sales, and other securities and collateral and directs the investments of those assets. The Treasurer provides for the safe and efficient operation of state government through effective banking, investment, and cash management.[1]

As Treasurer, LaTurner oversees an office that currently handles over $20 billion and an annual operating budget of $3.5 million. Key programs in the office are Bonds Services, Cash Management, Unclaimed Property, the Ag Loan and Housing Loan Deposit Programs and the Kansas 529 Education Savings Program, which has more than 143,000 accounts with total assets of over $2.7 billion. The Treasurer's office is a fee-funded agency. As State Treasurer, LaTurner also serves as a member of the Kansas Public Employee's Retirement System (KPERS) and the Pooled Money Investment Board.[citation needed]

Jacob LaTurner has been appointed as State Treasurer, effective upon the April 25, 2017 resignation of Ron Estes, who won a special election in Kansas's 4th congressional district.[2]


  • Administration
  • Bond Services
  • Cash Management
  • Kansas Learning Quest
  • Unclaimed Property

Office holders[edit]

Territorial Treasurers[edit]

Seal of Kansas.svg
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politics and government of
Name Term Party
Thomas Cramer 1855–1859 Democratic
Robert Mitchell 1859–1861 Democratic

State Treasurers[edit]

Name Term Party
William Tholen
Elected, didn't serve[3]
1859 Republican
Hartwin Dutton 1861–1863 Republican
William Spriggs 1863–1867 Republican
Martin Anderson 1867–1869 Republican
George Graham 1869–1871 Republican
Josiah Hayes 1871–1874 Republican
Samuel Lappin 1874–1875 Republican
John Francis 1875–1883 Republican
Samuel Howe 1883–1887 Republican
James Hamilton 1887–1890 Republican
William Sims 1890 Republican
Solomon Stover 1891–1893 Republican
William Biddle 1893–1895 Populist
Otis Atherton 1895–1897 Republican
David Heflebower 1897–1899 Populist
Frank Grimes 1899–1903 Republican
Thomas Kelly 1903–1907 Republican
Mark Tulley 1907–1913 Republican
Earl Akers 1913–1917 Republican
Walter Payne 1917–1921 Republican
E.T. Thompson 1921–1925 Republican
Carl White 1925–1929 Republican
Tom Boyd 1929–1933 Republican
William Marion Jardine 1933–1934 Republican
J.J. Rhodes 1934–1938 Republican
Jibo Hewitt 1938–1939 Democratic
Walter Wilson 1939–1945 Republican
Elmer Beck 1945–1947 Republican
Richard Fadely 1947–1959 Republican
George Hart 1959–1961 Democratic
Walter Peery 1961–1973 Republican
Tom Van Sickle 1973–1975 Republican
Joan Finney 1975–1991 Democratic
Sally Thompson 1991–1998 Democratic
Clyde Graeber 1998–1999 Republican
Tim Shallenburger 1999–2003 Republican
Lynn Jenkins 2003–2008 Republican
Dennis McKinney 2009–2011 Democratic
Ron Estes 2011–2017 Republican
Jake LaTurner 2017–present Republican


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