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Map of the Kashgar–Hotan (Kahe) railway

The Kashgar–Hotan railway or Kahe railway (Chinese: 喀什至和田铁路; pinyin: Kāshí zhì Hétián Tiělù, abbreviated Chinese: 喀和铁路; pinyin: Kā-Hé Tiělù) is a single-track, non-electrified, railway in Xinjiang, China between Kashgar and Hotan. The railway is 488.27 km (303.40 mi) in length and runs along the southern edge of the Taklamakan Desert, connecting all major cities and towns of the southwestern Tarim Basin, including Shule, Akto, Yengisar, Yarkant (Shache), Poskam (Zepu), Karghilik (Yecheng), Pishan (Guma) and Karakax (Moyu).[1] The line extends the Southern Xinjiang Railway east from Kashgar.[1] Construction began in December 2008.[1] The line opened to freight traffic on December 30, 2010.[1] Passenger service began on June 28, 2011.[2]

If built, the proposed Khunjerab Railway, a part of the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor, would link Islamabad in Pakistan to Hotan and the Chinese railway network.

Station list[edit]

Station Chinese Distance (km²) Location
Southern Xinjiang Railway
喀什 0 Kashi Kashi Prefecture
Shule 疏勒 14 Shule County Kashi Prefecture
Akto 阿克陶 38 Akto County Kizilsu Prefecture
Yengisar 英吉沙 66 Yengisar County Kashi Prefecture
Kezile 克孜勒 Yengisar County Kashi Prefecture
Mayake 马牙克 Yengisar County Kashi Prefecture
Tuoluolake 托洛拉克 Shache County Kashi Prefecture
Shache 莎车 187 Shache County Kashi Prefecture
Zepu 泽普 Zepu County Kashi Prefecture
Yecheng 叶城 246 Yecheng County Kashi Prefecture
Kuoshan 阔什 Pishan County Hotan Prefecture
Pishan 皮山 327 Pishan County Hotan Prefecture
Zanggui 藏桂 Pishan County Hotan Prefecture
224 Tuan 二二四团 Moyu County Hotan Prefecture
Moyu 墨玉 468 Moyu County Hotan Prefecture
Hotan 和田 485 Hotan Hotan Prefecture

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