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Scientific classification

Vors 1992

The katablepharids, a group of heterotrophic flagellates,[1] have been considered as part of the Cryptista since katablepharids were described in 1939. Although they differ from other cryptophytes and have even been proposed to be alveolates, early 21st century research suggests they are related to cryptophytes.[2][3]


As of 2009, only five genera and ten species have been formally described. Dozens of other DNA sequences (both freshwater and marine) seem to represent further katablepharids which have not been cultured or formally described.[1]




Roombia Okamoto et al. 2009[1]

Kathablepharis Skuja 1939[4]

Hatena Okamoto & Inouye 2006

Leucocryptos Butcher 1967[4]

Platychilomonas Larsen & Patterson 1990[1]


Based on studies done by Cavalier-Smith, Chao & Lewis 2015[5]

  • Super Class Leucocrypta Cavalier-Smith 2015 stat. n. [Kathablepharidophyta (sic)Okamoto & Inouye 2005]


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