Lawagamau River

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Lawagamau River
Kattawagami River
Lawagamau River is located in Ontario
Lawagamau River
Location of the mouth of the Lawagamau River in Ontario
RegionNortheastern Ontario
Physical characteristics
SourceUpper Lawagamau Lake
 - coordinates49°44′16″N 79°59′28″W / 49.73778°N 79.99111°W / 49.73778; -79.99111
 - elevation304 m (997 ft)
MouthKesagami River
 - coordinates
51°03′57″N 79°43′55″W / 51.06583°N 79.73194°W / 51.06583; -79.73194Coordinates: 51°03′57″N 79°43′55″W / 51.06583°N 79.73194°W / 51.06583; -79.73194
 - elevation
1 m (3 ft 3 in)
Basin features
River systemJames Bay drainage basin
 - leftHoelke Creek
 - rightHopper Creek

The Lawagamau River, also known as the Kattawagami River,[1][2] is a river in northern Cochrane District in Northeastern Ontario, Canada.[3] It is part of the James Bay drainage basin, and is a right tributary of the Kesagami River.

The river begins at Upper Lawagamau Lake and heads north through Lawagamau Lake and under Ontario Highway 652. It turns northeast then east, takes in the right tributary Hopper Creek, then once again heads north. The river takes in the left tributary Hoelke Creek, and reaches its mouth at the Kesagami River. The Kesagami River flows via the Harricana River to James Bay.


  • Hoelke Creek (left)
  • Hopper Creek (right)

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