Kayraktepe Dam

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Kayraktepe Dam
Kayraktepe Dam is located in Turkey
Kayraktepe Dam
Location of Kayraktepe Dam in Turkey
LocationSilifke, Mersin Province
Coordinates36°30′50″N 33°31′05″E / 36.51389°N 33.51806°E / 36.51389; 33.51806Coordinates: 36°30′50″N 33°31′05″E / 36.51389°N 33.51806°E / 36.51389; 33.51806
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsGöksu River
Height90 m (295 ft)
Height (thalweg)100 m (330 ft)
Surface area59.3 km2 (23 sq mi)
Power Station
Installed capacity281.75 MWe
Annual generation689 GWh

Kayraktepe Dam is a planned hydroelectric plant of Turkey.

It is at 36°30′50″N 33°31′05″E / 36.51389°N 33.51806°E / 36.51389; 33.51806 in Silifke ilçe (district) of Mersin Province. It is to the south of Turkish state highway D.715 which connects Mersin to Karaman.[1]

The dam is planned to be on Göksu River. It was planned 30 years ago. But Göksu River valley is a fertile agricultural area (olive, grapes, figs, apricot etc.) and the construction was delayed because of the environmental concerns.

Technical details[edit]

Its hydraulic head will be about 90 metres (300 ft) and the area of the reservoir will be 59.3 square kilometres (22.9 sq mi) between Silifke, Mut and Gülnar ilçes. The nominal power of the turbines will be 281.75 MWe. With this power the annual energy production is calculated to be 688 820 000 KW-hr. [2]