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Keith Baker
Keith Baker in 2005
Keith Baker in 2005
Born (1969-07-07) July 7, 1969 (age 50)[citation needed]
Occupationwriter, game designer
Genrerole-playing games, fantasy
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Keith Baker (born July 7, 1969[citation needed]) is a game designer and fantasy novel author.


In 2002, Keith Baker was a freelancer best known for his thematic work at Atlas Games.[1]:291 His Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting of Eberron was chosen as the winner among the 11,000 submissions to the Wizards of the Coast Fantasy Setting Search in 2002.[1]:291[2] Baker produced the Eberron Campaign Setting (2004) alongside James Wyatt and Bill Slavicsek, the first of many background books focused on the setting.[1]:294 In addition to working with Wizards of the Coast on Eberron material, he has also contributed material for Goodman Games, Paizo Publishing and Green Ronin Games.[3] He lives in Portland, Oregon. He has a tattoo of the Greater Mark of Making on his right arm.[4] Prior to working in the role-playing game industry, he worked in the video game industry with Magnet Interactive Studios and a Colorado company, VR1.[5]

Baker has won an Origins Award twice, first in 2004 for Best Roleplaying Game Supplement as part of the team for the Eberron campaign setting,[6] then alone in 2005 for Traditional Card Game of the Year for Gloom, published by Atlas Games.[7]

Selected role-playing game credits[edit]



  • Eberron Campaign Setting, w/ Bill Slavicsek and James Wyatt (June 2004, ISBN 0-7869-3276-7)
  • Sharn: City of Towers, w/ James Wyatt (November 2004, ISBN 0-7869-3434-4)
  • Races of Eberron, w/ Jesse Decker, Matthew Sernett, and Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel (April 2005, ISBN 0-7869-3658-4)
  • Player's Guide to Eberron, w/ James Wyatt, Luke Johnson, and Stan! (January 2006, ISBN 0-7869-3912-5)
  • Secrets of Xen'drik, w/ Jason Buhlman and Amber Scott (July 2006, ISBN 0-7869-3916-8)
  • Dragonmarked, w/ Michelle Lyons and C.A. Suleiman (November 2006, ISBN 0-7869-3933-8)
  • Secrets of Sarlona, w/ Scott Fitzgerald Gray, Glenn McDonald, and Chris Sims (February 2007, ISBN 0-7869-4037-9)
  • Dragons of Eberron w/ Scott Fitzgerald Gray, Nicolas Logue, and Amber Scott (October 2007, ISBN 978-0-7869-4154-4)
  • City of Stormreach w/ Nicolas Logue, James "Grim" Desborough, and C.A. Suleiman (February 2008, ISBN 978-0-7869-4803-1)
  • Eberron Campaign Guide, w/ James Wyatt (July 2009, ISBN 978-0-7869-5099-7)



Eberron fiction credits[edit]

The Dreaming Dark trilogy[edit]

Thorn of Breland trilogy[edit]

Short stories[edit]

  • "Death at Whitehearth," in Tales of the Last War (April 2006, ISBN 0-7869-3986-9)
  • "Principles of Fire," in Dragons: Worlds Afire (June 2006, ISBN 0-7869-4166-9)
  • "Shadows of Stormreach," online serial story.

Other fiction credits[edit]

Short stories[edit]

Comic books[edit]

  • Eberron: Eye of the Wolf (Artist: Chris Lie, June 2006)


He appears in a cameo in the comic book The Order of the Stick: Start of Darkness by Rich Burlew.


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