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Khawaja (Persian: خواجه‎) is an honorific title used across the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Central Asia, particularly towards Sufi teachers. The word comes from the Iranian word khwāja (New Persian: خواجه khāje; Dari khājah; Tajik khoja) and translates as "master", "lord" . The spellings hodja or hoca (Turkish), খাজা (Khaaja) (Bengali), hodža (Bosnian), hoxha (Albanian), хоџа (Serbian), χότζας (chótzas) (Greek), hogea (Romanian), koja (Javanese).[1] The name is also used in Egypt and Sudan to indicate a person with a foreign nationality or foreign heritage.[2]

Khawajas are the Pakhtun Afghan Tribes from GHAZBI. these tribes left Afghanistan with different conquerors towards subcontinent for JIHAD and Trade. Now a days these tribes are located in GHAZNI, Quetta, with the Bank of jehlum River, and in Balochistan at Kalat, Zhob Mastung and in KPK at DIKhan, SWAT etc.

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