Khinjan District

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Khinjan is located in Afghanistan
Location within Afghanistan[1]
Coordinates: 35°28′12″N 68°58′12″E / 35.47000°N 68.97000°E / 35.47000; 68.97000
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceBaghlan Province
 • Total29,600
Time zone+4:30

Khinjan District (pop: 29,600)[2] is located in the southern part of Baghlan province in the Hindu Kush mountains. The capital is the town of Khenjan. The main Kabul-Kunduz highway passes through the district from south to west. Ethnic Hazara makes up around 85% of the total population while the Pashtuns, Tajeks and Uzbeks, each at 5%, makes up the remaining 15% of the population.[3]

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