Klinaklini Glacier

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Klinaklini Glacier
Heiltskuk Icefield, British Columbia.JPG
Klinaklini Glacier, Ha-Iltzuk Icefield, British Columbia
Map showing the location of Klinaklini Glacier
Map showing the location of Klinaklini Glacier
Location in British Columbia
LocationBritish Columbia
Coordinates51°28′N 125°47′W / 51.467°N 125.783°W / 51.467; -125.783
TerminusProglacial Lake

The Klinaklini Glacier is a glacier west of the Klinaklini River and head of Knight Inlet the Coast Land District of British Columbia, Canada (51° 28′ 0″ N, 125° 47′ 0″ W).[1] It flows generally southward from Mt. Silverthrone.[2] The glacier is one of the largest glaciers in western North America. The Hakai Institute has installed a weather station and camera above Klinaklini Glacier that will provide provide data in near real time to scientists and operational users[3].


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