Koh Band District

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Koh Band District
Koh Band district (in yellow)
Koh Band district (in yellow)
RegionKapisa Province
 • Total20,800

Kohband District is situated in the northwestern part of Kapisa Province, Afghanistan. It borders Kohistan District to the west, Parvan Province to the north, Nejrab District to the east and Mahmud Raqi District to the south. The population is 20,800( 2006). The district center is Hajjikheyl (35°06′34″N 69°25′39″E / 35.1094°N 69.4275°E / 35.1094; 69.4275) located in the western part of the district. Kohband's people talk in a language called Pashaie their ethnicity is 66% from Asia and 34% from Caucasus emerged in the latest DNA test in March, 25th, 2018.


The Kohband district is located in a mountainous area of Kapisa province.