Konya Ethnography Museum

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Konya Ethnography Museum
Konya Etnografya Müzesi
Konya Ethnography Museum is located in Turkey
Konya Ethnography Museum
Location within Turkey
Established6 December 1975; 43 years ago (1975-12-06)
LocationSahip Ata St., Konya, Turkey
Coordinates37°52′00″N 32°29′29″E / 37.86667°N 32.49139°E / 37.86667; 32.49139Coordinates: 37°52′00″N 32°29′29″E / 37.86667°N 32.49139°E / 37.86667; 32.49139
TypeEthnographic museum
A 16th-century carpet from Mevlana lodge
A carpet from Eşrefoğlu Mosque

Konya Ethnography Museum (Turkish: Konya Etnografya Müzesi) is an ethnographic museum devoted to the people, cultures and lifestyle in and around Konya, Turkey.

The museum is on Sahip Ata Street.[1] It is a two-story building with a basement. The basement is reserved for the offices and the photoshop.[2] The conference room is in the ground floor. The museum was established on 6 December 1975.

Exhibited items[edit]

The exhibited items are:

  • Historical carpets: Some of more notable carpets are those from Eşrefoğlu Mosque dated to 13th and 15th centuries.
  • Women’s traditional wear such as bindallı, salta, cepken and kaftan etc.
  • Ornaments such as embroidery, bracelet and neckband etc.
  • Ottoman writing tools
  • Examples of early Konya newspapers,[3]
  • Metallic keys and locks,
  • Copper, bronze, glass and porcelain kitchen tools,
  • Silver and bronze candelabras,
  • Coffee tools,
  • Beads,
  • Weapons,
  • Hand written books.[4]

The personal ethnographic collections of Refet Yardımcı and Kenan Özbel are also on display in the museum.


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