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Karydia (Greek: Καρυδιά, before 1927: Τέχοβο - Techovo,[1] Macedonian Slavic and Bulgarian: Техово, Tehovo) is a village in the municipality of Edessa, Pella regional unit, northern Greece. It is situated 9 km northwest of Edessa. At the church in the locality Kosteno (Greek: Κόστενο, Macedonian Slavic and Bulgarian: Костен, Kosten[2]) there is an annual festival on 21 May, the day of Saint Helena.[3]


There were 81 Christian households in the village of Tehova in 1619-1620.[4]

In the book "Ethnographie des Vilayets d'Adrianople, de Monastir et de Salonique", published in Constantinople in 1878, that reflects the statistics of the male population in 1873, Téhovo was noted as a village with 187 households and 880 Bulgarian inhabitants.[5]

In 1900, Vasil Kanchov gathered and compiled statistics on demographics in the area and reported that the village of Teovo was inhabited by 604 Bulgarian Christians.[6]


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Coordinates: 40°50.7′N 21°57.4′E / 40.8450°N 21.9567°E / 40.8450; 21.9567