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Krakow Post
TypeMonthly Newspaper
Owner(s)Lifeboat Limited

The Krakow Post is an English-language newspaper based in Krakow, Poland. Owned by Lifeboat Limited since 2008, the monthly newspaper covers local and national news, politics, culture, business, sports, and human interest stories.[1]


Founded as a weekly in 2007, the newspaper was then led by Editor-in-Chief Anne Fratczak and Founding Editor Hal Foster, a former Los Angeles Times journalist.[2][3]

After coming under new ownership in 2008, the Krakow Post was redesigned as a monthly newspaper, with Anna Spysz serving as the editor-in-chief until late 2010.
In January 2011, Jamie Stokes took over her role at the newspaper's helm.[4] Steven Hoffman has been editor-in-chief of the online version since February 2015.[5]

In 2011, The New York Times referred to the Krakow Post and other English-language press in Eastern Europe as having acted as "springboards for a generation of American journalists interested in working in the former East Bloc — though not in the servile role of many local publications." [6]

The Krakow Post came under new management and was relaunched in a magazine format in November 2012.

Print characteristics[edit]

Broadsheet format (289 x 390 mm), 32 pages, full color. The ISSN of the paper 1898-4762.


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