Kripamayee Kali Temple

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Kripamayee Kali Temple
কৃপাময়ী কালী মন্দির
Jay Mitra Kalibari Baranagar Arnab Dutta 2011 - 4.JPG
StateWest Bengal
Kripamayee Kali Temple is located in West Bengal
Kripamayee Kali Temple
Location in West Bengal
Geographic coordinates22°39′18″N 88°21′28″E / 22.65500°N 88.35778°E / 22.65500; 88.35778Coordinates: 22°39′18″N 88°21′28″E / 22.65500°N 88.35778°E / 22.65500; 88.35778
TypeBengal architecture
CreatorJayram Mitra

Kripamayee Kali Temple (Bengali: কৃপাময়ী কালী মন্দির Kripamôyee Kali Môndir), commonly known as Joy Mitra Kalibari (Bengali: জয় মিত্র কালীবাড়ি, Jôy Mitrô Kalibari ), is a Hindu temple located on the eastern banks of Hooghly river at Baranagar (in Greater Kolkata) in North 24 Parganas district in the Indian state of Paschimbanga (West Bengal). The presiding deity of the temple is Kripamayee ("She who is merciful"), a form of Kali. The temple was built in 1848 by Jayram Mitra, a famous zamindar and a devotee of Kali. It is a colossal nabaratna (nine-spired) temple with twelve shrines dedicated to Shiva, Kali’s consort.[1]


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