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Kul Nesîmî, or simply Nesîmî, was an Ottoman Alevi-Bektashi poet, who lived in the 17th century in Anatolia.

Very little is known about this poet except that certain political events found an expression in his poetry, such as Ottoman conquest of Baghdad in 1640. He wrote in the same tradition as such earlier poets as Nasimi, with whom he is frequently confused, as well as in the tradition of Khatai and Pir Sultan Abdal.

Turkish lyrics English translation
Ben melâmet hırkasını kendim giydim eğnime (eynime)
Âr u nâmus şişesini taşa çaldım kime ne
Gâh çıkarım gökyüzüne seyrederim âlemi
Gâh inerim yeryüzüne seyreder âlem beni
Gâh giderim medreseye ders okurum Hak için
Gâh giderim meyhaneye dem çekerim aşk için
Sofular haram demişler aşkımın şarabına (Sofular haram demişler bu aşkın bâdesine)
Ben doldurur ben içerim günah benim kime ne
Sofular secde ederler meclisin mihrabına
Benim ol dost eşiğidir secdegâhım kime ne
Nesimî’ye sordular kim yarin ile hoş musun (Nesimî’ye sormuşlar yarin ile hoş musun)
Hoş olam ya olmayayım ol yar benim kime ne (Hoş olayım olmayayım o yar benim kime ne)
I put the coat of modesty on my back myself
Smashed the bottle of dignity on the ground, whose concern is it
Sometimes I climb up to the sky, observe the world from high above
Sometimes I come down on earth, and the world observes me
Sometimes I visit the madrasah, study a book in service of God
Sometimes I visit the wine house, sip a drink in service of love
The devout call it haram, the wine of my love
It is my cup, my drink, my sin, whose concern is it
The devout bow to prayer before the mihrab of the congregation
My place of worship is the house of merriness, whose concern is it
They ask Nesimi, are you happy with your lover
I am happy or not happy, she is my lover, whose concern is it


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