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Bùi Thị Oanh, also known by the stage name Lệ Thu (Hải Phòng, 16 July 1943), is a Vietnamese female singer. She was well known in South Vietnam in the 1970s for singing the songs of singer-songwriters such as Trịnh Công Sơn and Phạm Duy.[1][2]

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She is to be distinguished from the female poet Lệ Thu (b. 1940).[3]


  1. ^ John Grider Miller The Co-Vans: U.S. Marine Advisors in Vietnam Page 77, 2000 "For the more sedate liberty hounds, the music clubs were a unique feature of Saigon night life. Perhaps the best-known of these was Joe Marcel's on Le Loi Street, whose lead singer was Le Thu, the South Vietnamese equivalent of Peggy Lee ..."
  2. ^ The Viet Kieu in America: Personal Accounts of Postwar Immigrants ... - Page 51 Nghia M. Vo - 2009 "The rare villagers entertained themselves by sitting in surrounding straw-hut coffee shops, smoking and drinking beer or coffee while listening to endless folk music—the melodious voices of Khanh Ly and Le Thu, well-known singers at the time— coming out of cassette tapes, which blared Trinh Cong Son's and Pham Duy's “anti-heroic” and peace-loving songs"
  3. ^ Vietnamese feminist poems from antiquity to the present Page 257 Thị Minh Hà Nguyễn, Nguyên Thi Minh Hà, Nguyên Thi Thanh Bình - 2007 "LỆ THU (1940- ) is from Tuy Phước District in Bình Định Province in central Việt Nam."