Ladies Legend Pro-Wrestling

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Ladies Legend Pro-Wrestling
StyleJoshi puroresu
HeadquartersToshima, Tokyo
Founder(s)Rumi Kazama
Shinobu Kandori
Owner(s)Rumi Kazama
Shinobu Kandori

Ladies Legend Pro-Wrestling, also known as LLPW and currently as LLPW-X, is a Japanese independent women's professional wrestling promotion founded in 1992 by Rumi Kazama and Shinobu Kandori.[1][2][3][4][5][6]


Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling split in 1992 into two promotions, JWP and LLPW. Shinobu Kandori formed LLPW and was both a co-owner and one of their top stars. The group contained former Japan Women's Pro wrestlers and recruited the formerly retired All Japan Women's wrestler, Noriyo Tateno. Their debut show was on August 29, 1992.[7] The promotion co-promoted with All Japan Women's in the 1990s, with many All Japan Women vs LLPW matchups. In 1995, LLPW held a female Mixed martial arts tournament called, "LLPW Ultimate L-1 Tournament", which was one of the first female MMA shows.[8] In 2002, the group changed its name to LLPW-X.[9]

As of 2010, the group is no longer running regularly,[10] but has at least ran one event per year.


Championship Current champion(s) Date won Previous champion(s) Reference
LLPW Single Championship Rumi Kazama June 17, 2014 Mako Ogawa [11][12]
LLPW Tag Team Championship Eiger and Sayuri Okino June 17, 2014 Eagle Sawai and Noriyo Tateno [13][14]
LLPW 6-Woman Tag Team Championship Vacant October 21, 2002 Keiko Aono, Mizuki Endo and Rieko Amano [15][16]


Former talent[edit]

  • Rumi Kazama
  • Eagle Sawai
  • Harley Saito
  • Yasha Kurenai
  • Michiko Nagashima
  • Mizuki Endo
  • Mikiko Futagami/GAMI
  • Utako Hozomi

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