Lake Lenore Caves State Park

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Lake Lenore Caves State Park
Lake Lenore Caves.jpg
A rock shelter in the park
Map showing the location of Lake Lenore Caves State Park
Map showing the location of Lake Lenore Caves State Park
Location in the state of Washington
LocationGrant, Washington, United States
Coordinates47°28′N 119°31′W / 47.467°N 119.517°W / 47.467; -119.517Coordinates: 47°28′N 119°31′W / 47.467°N 119.517°W / 47.467; -119.517
Area155 acres (63 ha)
OperatorWashington State Parks and Recreation Commission
Property information from Grant County assessor[1]

Lake Lenore Caves State Park is a Washington State Park in the Lenore Canyon extending into the hills from the shore of Lake Lenore. It is part of the Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail. Lake Lenore and the rock shelter "caves" were caused by basalt coulee cliffs underscoured by the Missoula floods, the same floods that created the Channeled Scablands.[2][3]

There are indications that Native Americans used the caves for shelter.[4][5][6] Some petroglyphs are in the caves.[7]


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