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Laksam is located in Bangladesh
Location in Bangladesh
Coordinates: 23°14.8′N 91°7.7′E / 23.2467°N 91.1283°E / 23.2467; 91.1283Coordinates: 23°14.8′N 91°7.7′E / 23.2467°N 91.1283°E / 23.2467; 91.1283
Country Bangladesh
DivisionChittagong Division
DistrictComilla District
 • Total135.61 km2 (52.36 sq mi)
 • Total294,719 [1]
Time zoneUTC+6 (BST)

Laksam (Bengali: লাকসাম) is an Upazila of Comilla District in the Division of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Laksam has 7 Unions/Wards, 136 Mauzas/Mahallas, and 183 villages.[1]


Laksam was made into a Upazila in 1983. On 6 April 1971 more than 200 people at Ajgara Bazar during Bangladesh Liberation war. Pakistan army was defeated on 12 December 1971 in the Upazila.[1] The Upazila has experience a water crises thans to arsenic in the groundwater.[2]


Laksam Upazila with an area of 135.61 km,[1] is bounded by Comilla Sadar and Barura upazilas on the north, chatkhil, begumganj and senbagh upazilas on the south, nangalkot and chauddagram upazilas on the east, Barura and shahrasti upazilas on the west. Main rivers are Dakatia and Little Feni.

The only river Dakatia flows through the upazila. This river comes from Tripura, India runs over the Comilla and fall on to the Meghna river near Chandpur District.[3] The river is 207 km long.


Laksam Railway Junction, on the Akhaura-Laksam-Chittagong Line, Laksam-Noakhali Line and Laksam-Chandpur Line is one of the two biggest junctions of Bangladesh. From here People go to Chandpur District, Noakhali District.

Places of Interest[edit]

Laksham Nawab Bari

Laksham Moishan Bari[edit]

Laksham Moishan Bari

Notable residents[edit]


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