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Langeby beach.

Langeby is a beach at West Island (Vesterøya) in Sandefjord, Norway. It is described as the city’s best beach by both Frommer's-[1] and Fodor's Travel Guides.[2] Besides its 150-meter (492 ft.) sandy beach, it is home to Langeby Camping which offers boat- and kayak rentals. Langeby has a convenience store and piers used for fishing and boats. The beach has sloping rocks, a floating platform, diving boards, and showers. There is also a playground as well as a soccer field and volleyball court.[3][4][5]

Langeby attracts thousands of visitors every summer. It lies near Vøra, a beach and campground which attracts summer visitors and vacationers from throughout the country.[6] A coastal path known as Kyststien connects Langeby to Vøra. Near Vesterøyveien between the two beaches are remains from the Stone Age, discovered at an area 23 meters from the ocean. Many archeological artifacts have been retrieved from this location.[7] Tent camping is permitted on numerous nearby islets, including the 11-acre (4.5 ha) Hellesøya[8] and 12-acre (5 ha) Buerøya.[9][10]

Langeby has been a swimming destination since at least 1398. Formerly known as Langibyr, it was pronounced Langabø until 1398, but got its current spelling in 1539. A number of farms were previously located around Langeby on West Island, but all agricultural activity ended in 1960. Langeby Pier was previously the main public pier for West Island, where many fishermen kept their vessels.[11]

Camping at Langeby was first established by Olaf Olsen Langeby in 1934-35. Langeby Camping is now a company offering 12 rental apartments and 140 spaces for RV's, tents, and camping trailers. The campsites are no longer than 80 meters at most from the ocean. Besides its two sandy beaches, Langeby has 400 meters of sloping rocks. It is situated at West Island, 7 km from the city centre.[12]


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