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Law enforcement in Indonesia is performed by multiple law enforcement agencies and some of them are under supervision of the Indonesian National Police. The Indonesian National Police is generally responsible for law enforcement and policing duties all over Indonesia.

Police forces[edit]

Indonesia National Police[edit]

Two Indonesian policemen patrolling the streets

The Indonesian National Police is the main agency responsible for maintain security and public order, law enforcement , and provide protection and service to the community in Indonesia. The force is a centralised organisation with responsibilities ranging from traffic control, criminal investigation, intelligence gathering and counter-terrorism.

Special Police[edit]

Apart from the Indonesia National Police, other agencies that enforce specific laws and employ special police are as follows:

  1. Forest Rangers (Polisi Kehutanan) under Ministry of Environment and Forestry.
  2. Municipal Police (Satuan Polisi Pamong Praja abbreviated Satpol PP) which are controlled by local government heads and is operated by the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  3. Prison Special Police (Polisi Khusus Lembaga Pemasyarakatan abbreviated Polsuspas) under Ministry of Law and Human Rights
  4. Railrod Special Police (Polisi Khusus Kereta Api abbreviated Polsuska) under the auspices of the Indonesian Railway Company.
  5. Special Police for Management of Marine, Coastal Region and Small Islands (Polisi Khusus Pengelolaan Wilayah Pesisir dan Pulau-Pulau Kecil abbreviated Polsus PWP3K) under Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.[1]
  6. Agricultural and Animal Quarantine Special Police (Polisi Khusus Badan Karantina Pertanian) under Agency of Agricultural Quarantine within Ministry of Agriculture.[2]

All special police as mentioned above are trained by and under coordination with Indonesia National Police.[3]

Military Police[edit]

Indonesian military policemen

Joint Military Police Command of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) or Puspom TNI (Indonesian: Pusat Polisi Militer Tentara Nasional Indonesia) is one of the central executive agencies within the TNI which has the role of administering administrative assistance to the army, navy, and air force as embodiment and guidance through the operation of Military Police functions. Puspom TNI oversees the three military police organizations which are the Army Military Police, Naval Military Police, and Air Force Military Police.


Besides the Indonesia National Police, Special Polices and Military Police, other government agencies that also enforce specific laws are as follows:

  1. Attorney General of Indonesia
  2. Corruption Eradication Commission, specialized agency for corruption prevention and investigation.
  3. National Anti-Narcotics Agency, specialized agency for prevention and investigation of illicit drugs abuse.
  4. National Agency for Combating Terrorism, specialized agency for terrorism prevention and investigation.
  5. Maritime Security Agency
  6. Sea and Coast Guard
  7. Customs and Excise, enforce law in customs and excise.
  8. Tax Office, enforce law in taxation.
  9. Immigration Office, enforce law in immigration.
  10. Financial Services Authority
  11. Nuclear Regulatory Agency, enforce law in nuclear energy.
  12. National Agency of Drug and Food Control, oversee foods, drugs, and cosmetics in Indonesia.
  13. Directorate General of Post and Informatics Devices Resource of Ministry of Communication and Informatics, enforce law in information technology and radio waves.
  14. Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
  15. Ministry of Industry
  16. Ministry of Trade
  17. Ministry of Health
  18. Ministry of Transportation

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