Le Corps Lesbien

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The Lesbian Body
The Lesbian Body.jpg
English translation edition cover
AuthorMonique Wittig
Original titleLes Corps Lesbien
TranslatorDavid LaVey
CountryUnited States
GenreFeminist, Philosophical novel
PublisherBeacon Press
Published in English
15 February 1986
Media typePrint (Hardcover & Paperback)
Pages165 pp (Beacon Press paperback edition)
823/.912 20
Preceded byL’Opoponax 
Followed byBrouillon pour un dictionnaire des amantes 

The Lesbian Body is a 1973 novel by Monique Wittig. It was translated into English in 1975.[1]

Plot introduction[edit]

According to Wittig's New York Times obituary, 'lesbian lovers literally invade each other's bodies as an act of love'.[1]

Literary significance and criticism[edit]

Wittig said, 'When I came upon the title, Corps Lesbien, the association of these two words made me laugh. It was absurdly sarcastic.'.[2]


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