Leanne Redman

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Leanne M. Redman
Alma materSouthern Cross University ,
Tulane University
University of Adelaide
Known forlow-calorie diets decreased the effects of aging
Scientific career
InstitutionsPennington Biomedical Research Center

Leanne M. Redman is a physiologist. She is an LPFA Endowed Fellowship Professor at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center of the Louisiana State University System,[1] where she studies childhood obesity.[2] She was lead researcher on a study that found that low-calorie diets decreased the effects of aging.[3][4][5] Redman received the 2018 NPA Garnett-Powers & Associates Mentor Award in recognition of support for post-doctorate mentee scholars in her reproductive endocrinology lab.[6][7]


Redman did her undergraduate studies in human movement science at Southern Cross University in Australia, earning a bachelor's degree with honors there in 2000. She completed a doctorate at the University of Adelaide in 2004. In 2011 she added a master's degree in clinical research from Tulane University.[1]


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